QUIZ: Finding the perfect gift for her


Lets get into it…


Whats her personality like?

A: Sometimes shy, reserved, but full of life!

B: Smart! She loves nature and the outdoors

C: She's loud, proud and is the life and soul of the party

D: Shes very girly, giggly and has a great dress sense


What style of clothing does she like?

A: Casual/Minimalist

B: Boho/Vintage

C: Tomboy

D: Cutesy/preppy/Girly


What style of jewellery do they normally wear?

A: Mostly smaller jewellery with simple shapes.

B: Larger styles with bold colours and perhaps floral patterns

C: Minimalist/none - She have worn the same things for years, very small designs

D: Fashion, she keeps up with the trends and is always wearing something new


What does her everyday jewellery wardrobe look like?

A: small studs, a simple shaped necklace. a simple ring

B: A bold necklace, dangle earrings and a colourful bracelet

C: Studs and a ring - rarely a bracelet

D: rings, necklaces, bracelets, earrings this girls got it all!


Friends that describe her say shes...

A: traditional, a great listener

B: Bubbly, energetic and happy-go-lucky

C: forward thinking – innovative

D: Beautiful, Stylish and sexy


What celebrity would she most be like?


A: Alexa Chung

B: Florence Welch

C: Cara Delevingne

D: Beyoncé


If you opened her wardrobe - what colours would you see?

A: Basics - navy, white, khaki and charcoal

B: rainbow of colours!

C: Black and neutrals

D: Dark colours, with the odd bold or sequined piece


If she walked into a crowded room what would she rather do?

A: Blend-in

B: Be animated/make a statement

C: Be in control - definite aura of power!

D: seem natural and easy going


Whats her go-to coat like?

A: Straight and sleek

B: easy and flowy

C: Sharp and powerful

D: romantic and fashion forward


Whats her favourite home-decor like?

A: comfortable and traditional

B: fun, kitschy and unorthodox

C: minimalist and futuristic

D: streamlined, tonal, with clean surfaces


Now for those all-important results!

Mostly A’s

She would probably really enjoy a gorgeous home-cooked meal with a fresh bundle of flowers. We would recommend getting her one of our message card necklaces, with beautiful words and a simple design. She may also like a simple engraved necklace engraved with something she will cherish forever.


Engraved jewellery:


Message card gifts:





Mostly B’s

She would love some handmade cosmetics or bath products. We would recommend our bola ball collection– perfect for layering and changing the colour for each outfit


Bola balls:



Mostly c’s

She would most likely love a great meal at her favourite restaurant, or a casual gathering with friends. Try one of our black leather corded bracelets – or one of our keyrings as a practical gift




Mostly D’s

She would love something high fashion and glam. She would like something meaningful, but something that she can mix and match with her many, many outfits! Try a gift card to her favourite spa or fashion retailer, or get her a simple engraved necklace engraved with something meaningful to her. Our anklets are also a great way to go


Engraved jewellery




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