Love and Care

Love & Care

Handmade and sourced from around the world and designed to give you beautiful, high quality and affordable sterling silver and fashion jewellery, the Statement Made brand represents collections of affordable high-end accessories with a distinct 'high-end' look inspired by elegance and luxury. Statement Made jewellery although adorned, like any piece of jewellery, must also be treated with care. We make the following recommendations to avoid damage to your jewellery.

Storage and care

As with all jewellery, use your best judgement when handling, storing and wearing your jewellery. Where possible always store your jewellery away in its pouch or in a box. Remove jewellery prior to playing sports, exercising, cleaning, working, bathing, swimming and sleeping. To keep your jewellery looking bright polish it often with a soft microfiber cloth to maintain its high shine finish. Avoid exposure to chemicals, abrasive and hard surfaces and water. Damage from careless wear and lack of proper storage (including water damage) is not the responsibility of Statement Made.


As with the majority of dress jewellery - our items MAY contain traces of nickel - if you are sensitive or have had a reaction in the past, or worried you may have a reaction - please do not order from us! Or contact us first before ordering