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Statement Made Jewellery’s customizable zodiac charm necklaces are ideal for showing someone you care yet also makes excellent gifts for yourself. There are various pre-prepared combinations to choose from, or you can choose to create your own from scratch. A number of designs are available that you can add birth dates, ages and initials to.

We can cater for you if you do wish to purchase a star sign necklace for yourself or a loved one. We provide beautiful zodiac star sign charm necklaces which features zodiac signs and crystals. You can personalise your necklace by using initials, special words or phrases or letters that represent memories or secret messages. All the designs we offer are wearer-tested and designed to last. They are also flake and corrosion-free. The finest techniques are used to create our silver-plated jewellery including our zodiac necklaces.

Statement Made Jewellery was created to help jewellery wearers express themselves in a range of new and interesting ways. We supply a wide range of personalized charm, silver sterling and silver sterling charm necklaces, Mexican bola balls, real flower necklaces, mother and daughter and zodiac/constellation necklaces. There’s also a shop ‘add-on’ section which enables you to upgrade necklaces with birthstones, chain upgrades and more.

There are many great reasons for personalizing jewellery, especially when buying gifts for loved ones. Customising jewellery shows that you have put extra time and effort into finding the perfect gift and makes the product completely unique and personal. Personalised jewellery is great for a host of occasions, such as anniversaries, birthdays, Christmas, new arrivals and more. Buying something special and unique for your loved one doesn’t have to mean spending more than you can afford. At Statement Made Jewellery, our prices are incredibly affordable yet this never means you have to make compromises on quality. We are proud to be able to cater for everyone, even those on a tight budget.

Remember, anyone can simply pick up a gift, pay for it and walk away, but having an item personalised requires you to play a bigger role in the present-purchasing process. Personalising a gift makes it completely unique and shows that you have taken your purchase seriously.

Our owner Steph is a qualified gemologist with expert knowledge of precious metals and gemstones. Steph created Statement Made Jewellery after finding that the jewellery market wasn’t offering a great deal of personalization, and that the same designs were simply being repeated over and over again. Another problem faced by the budget-conscious was that bespoke jewellery created from scratch was rarely inexpensive. Steph spent time researching the market and finding out what the best materials she could use whilst providing outstanding value to our customers were. New designs are constantly being developed at Statement Made Jewellery and customer feedback is taken extremely seriously so we can continue to cater for our customers in style.

You can contact us using the form on our site to find out more about our personalised Zodiac necklaces and other products.

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