Why you should opt for Rose Gold Jewellery: Benefits and Styling Tips

Why you should opt for Rose Gold Jewellery: Benefits and Styling Tips

Rose gold jewellery has massively risen in popularity over the past few years. Which isn’t surprising at all when you think about the delicate aspect that it can add to your wardrobe with its pinkish hue. Acting as a direct contract to the classic gold and silver jewellery which are neutral in colour, rose gold jewellery is both softer and warmer in its tone.

Rose gold first became fashionable in Britain during the Victorian times when the pinkish hues were seen to be romantic but after the Second World War its popularity died down and it was replaced with the classic gold. Nowadays, the metal, along with the vintage trend, is making a strong comeback.

While silver is traditionally said to suit those with cool skin tones and gold to suit those with a warmer skin tones, rose gold is situated in the middle and therefore works well with most skin types, which in turn makes it easy to wear for a multitude of people.

Rose gold necklaces and rose gold pendants are not only strong but they are also beautiful, versatile and on trend. So, no matter what style of necklace you’re looking for, a rose gold piece can make a wonderful addition to any jewellery collection.

Benefits of wearing rose gold jewellery:

It’s cheaper: Copper costs less than other metals and so rose gold is typically cheaper to make and therefore cheaper for you to buy too, without it looking like you’ve spent less on your statement piece. However, the price of copper is rising and is likely to continue to do so, so you can view your rose gold necklace as an investment that is only going to increase in value over time.

It’s sturdy: As rose gold is made up of copper and doesn’t require rhodium plating, like white gold jewellery does, it is far more durable than other traditional jewellery pieces.

How to style rose gold jewellery:

Stack your jewellery: Since rose gold itself is a mixture of gold and copper, it lends itself well to stacking. It acts as a complementary piece to both silver and gold and so using it alongside these other metals can help you to create a truly unique look.

Add a pendant: Adding a rose gold pendant to a rose gold chain can help you to not only make a statement but to really showcase your personality.

Personalise it: Add a personalised element such as a pendant or a rose gold locket with a birth date, age or an initial engraved into it to truly add to the charm and uniqueness of the rose gold fashion piece. 

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