Why we love stars

Why we love stars

The great thing about creating jewellery is that there are so many different designs, symbols and stones that you can use. Here at Statement Made Jewellery we love all the variety of things that feature in our jewellery, however, there seems to be a really special place in our heart for stars.

Why do we love stars so much? We can let you into our star love secrets!

It is bang on trend

If you follow a spot of jewellery and accessory fashion, then you will already know that stars are making somewhat of a comeback. In fact, they are one of the must have items when it comes to jewellery during the Autumn and Winter 2017 Season! Whether you rock stars in your ears, on your wrist or around your neck, you are always going to look right on trend!

They are fun

Whilst it is important that we all look good when it comes to picking out the right accessories, most of the time we want to have fun too. This is why personalised as well as fun and quirky jewellery is becoming all the more popular. Sure, people want to be stylish, but there is something really great about embracing a sense of fun in what you are wearing too!

They work with a number of styles

Jewellery can sometimes be the contrast to an outfit, the finishing touch. Or it can be the perfect compliment. The thing about stars is that they work on both levels. You can use them to add a stand alone touch to your outfit, or, you can try and work them into your choice. As they can be a variety of sizes and come in different colours, you are sure to find the right star match for your outfit.

They make for a great gift

There is nothing more special and inspiring than a star. Not only are they something that you wish on, but they are something that you can sit and stare at for hours. They are also used as a mark of quality, a rating of how good something is. This is why stars, in whatever form them come in, make for the ideal gift for someone who is special to you. After all, why not show them how they are a star to you?

Fancy appreciating a bit of star power yourself? Why not check out the star themed necklaces and pieces that we have on our website? You may be surprised by how much you fall in love with stars, just like us!

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