Why it is great to support small businesses!

Why it is great to support small businesses!

Here at Statement Made Jewellery we are proud to be a small business. Whilst we may not be as big as some of the other jewellery businesses out there, this doesn’t mean that we are not able to bring our customers amazing items that they are going to be proud to own.

There is a lot to be said for supporting small businesses over big name high street stores, and whilst at times we recognise that you may need to head to the larger shops or some of the items that you need, there are also plenty of times that you can try out a small business.

So, why buy from a small business? Here are some of the reasons that we can think of.

You are supporting someone’s dream

One of the most important things to consider when you buy from a small business is that you are supporting the dream of someone. Rather than paying into a large corporate pot, you are paying directly into their bank account. The money that you spend with them will mean that they can take their kids swimming, or save up for a holiday. Or simply just enjoy a delicious meal out. All whilst you get a top quality item to boot!

They offer a great level of customer service

Another thing about going for a small business is that you are much more likely to receive a high level of customer service then you would from a larger company. There is a good chance that there will only be one or two people running the business, which means that you will speak to the same people each time you ring, and they will remember any issues that you have.

The price is nearly always right

Larger companies have much less movement on their pricing structures than smaller businesses. This means if you want to secure a great deal or want a top quality item at a great price, then you might want to check out a small business and see what they have to offer.

They love what they do

Whilst a larger company will have staff that are dedicated to doing a good job, but they are just that, staff. If you buy from a smaller business then you are much more likely to be dealing with the person who is in charge. This means that they will really love what they do, and this is not only reflected in your interactions with them, but also the end product or service that you receive.

If you like the sound of buying from a small business, then why not start by buying from us here at Statement Made? We put every ounce of passion and pride that we have into our jewellery and this is why we create stunning and unique pieces that any woman would be proud to have in their jewellery collection.


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