What to think about when planning a wedding abroad

Considerations for an Abroad Wedding



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There are a few ways you can win the unspoken who-had-the-best-wedding competition. Unique musicians, a mouthwatering menu or the most perfectly arranged flowers are all ways of trying to score points. However, the destination of your wedding can go a long way in outshining all other weddings.


Whether you choose to tie the knot in the foothills of a beautiful mountain in New Zealand or on a sun-drenched beach on the Mediterranean, an abroad wedding is a special wedding. However, before you pick your dress, wedding jewellery and choose your factor 50, here are some key considerations.


Abroad Weddings are Often Smaller


Although a wedding overseas will be fantastic, it is unrealistic to expect that your whole guest list will be able to make it. The cost of flights and hotels will price some of your guests out of the occasion and you have to accept your wedding may become a lot smaller. If an intimate wedding is your goal then this should not be a problem, but it may be a good idea to consult the guests you couldn't have your wedding without before deciding.


Check the Weather Forecast


You may be fooled into thinking that it is always sunny in Spain and it never rains in Australia, but this could not be further from the truth. Even the most idyllic far-away destinations have to contend with grey skies and even wet seasons. Do your research before deciding on a location and a date, and remember – summer does not always equal dry!


Make Sure it Counts


Marriage is a tricky business. Not every country recognises a marriage that occurs in a foreign country as legal. The last thing you want is to get home after the honeymoon and discover that your marriage did not count. Again, research is key to ensuring you do not make this potential mistake.


Some Travel Considerations


The considerations for an abroad wedding which revolve around travel plans are almost endless. For that reason, here are some of the biggest mistakes that you will want to avoid:


  • Forgetting to book travel insurance
  • Booking return journeys with your married name (your passport hasn’t changed yet)
  • Not booking flights in advance
  • Not visiting beforehand and relying on websites and images
  • Arriving too close to the ceremony date (get there earlier to ease the stress levels)


The Wedding Meal


The wedding meal is also a consideration. When in another culture, there is a chance that you won't be able to feast on your favourite food from home. This may be a drawback to some, but at the same time, an exotic location can open you and your guests’ eyes to some wonderful new and exciting flavours. Employing a local wedding planner is a good idea to help you navigate the local cuisine and make a great choice.



These are some of the considerations before deciding on an abroad wedding. There is no doubt that an abroad wedding will live long in the memory of all your guests and make the occasion even more special for the two of you. Yet, you must think about the above before scrolling through Skyscanner. 


Written by Martin L

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