What is the meaning behind a dreamcatcher?

What is the meaning behind a dreamcatcher?

Here at Statement Made Jewellery we stock a wide range of different necklace design and styles. One of the most popular items that we have as part of our collection is our dreamcatcher necklace. Not only is it beautifully designed, but it is also a necklace that has meaning too. Making it the ideal gift for any special person in your life.

But what is the meaning of a dreamcatcher? We have dedicated this particular blog to finding out more about what they mean and where they come from.

The origins of dream catchers

Dream catchers come from the Native American people. The originals were made by the Ojibwa people and were created from twigs, feathers and other natural materials. These were then woven together by the people, often grandparents in order to give their grandchildren in order to help them to have peaceful and beautiful dreams.

They believed that the night air is filled with dreams which are ready to be caught. Good dreams are able to find their way to the dream, descending through the feathers, and can be picked up by the slightest movement of the feathers.

Bad dreams, in comparison are unable to find their way through the web that is above the feathers and therefore they become trapped and stay there until the morning where they evaporate with the morning dew.

Our modern take on the dream catcher

Whilst the origins of a dream catcher is that they are made from all natural materials that can be found out in the wild. However, here at Statement Made Jewellery we are not totally sure that our customers are going to like the idea of wearing that out and about. So, instead we have taken a much more modern approach to this traditional design.

Our dreamcatcher necklace is entirely gold plated using the very best materials and high quality techniques too. This means that it is a beautiful necklace that anyone would be proud to wear. It can also be fully personalised thanks to the initial charm that can be added into the design, this can be engraved with the initial of your choice.

No matter whether you opt for our stunning dream catcher necklace, or something else from our collection, one thing you can always be sure of is that you are buying the best quality possible. Not only do we care about our customer service, but we care about what you buy from us. Looking for a treat for yourself? Looking for a special treat for someone you care about? Why not check out our website and see what is the ideal choice for you?

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