Trendiest Bouquets for Autumn

It’s that time of year when all you want to do is curl up in front of a fire with a coffee and your wedding planning book (really though). Floral arrangements can be a hard thing to settle on, but we’ve compiled some of the hottest floral trends this Autumn, so you can narrow down your options. 

Anemone: A lovely wildflower that is said to have been created by the goddess Venus herself. Usually available in around 4 different colours, this stunning little flower makes for a great bouquet filler and pairs well with many grasses, depending on the colour. 

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False Goat’s Beard: This delicate floral sprig is from a woodland wonderland, bringing an element of charm and boho chic to your wedding bouquet. Primarily white, pink or mauve, they pair very well with soft green. 

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Dahlia: A versitile and stunning flower, the Dahlia originates in sunny Mexico. With many different type and colour combinations, there’s sure to be an option that fits with your colour scheme. Our favourite? The Dahlia ‘Red Fox’, goes well with other versions of mauve, soft green and grain grass. 

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Freesia: An extremely popular and fragrant flower, this blooming beauty has a multitude of variants which make it very workable into your bouquet. We’d pick white freesia and combine it with pastel roses, lilies and assorted greenery. 

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Lily: While often assumed to be primarily a ‘funeral’ flower, if tastefully styled, they are perfect for a plain bouquet to add a bit of colour (or simply remain white). We loved a combination of white/purple lillies, freesia and greenery. 

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Rose: You thought we’d leave out the rose? Not possible. This classic flower lives up to its hype with so many types you can really choose simply whatever. Pair blush pink wild roses with unripe blackberries, greenery and grains for a unique Autumnal look. 

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We hope you’ve gained some inspiration and found the flower of your dreams to compliment everything you desire for your special day!

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