Top Tips For Styling Mixed Metal Jewellery

Top Tips For Styling Mixed Metal Jewellery


Long gone are the days of staring into your jewellery box as you try to decide which to go with out of your silver and gold collections. Mixing metals has now become fashionable and on-trend, so you no longer have to pick between the two! However, mixing metals does require some level of thought as it can look overdone, so it is important to ensure that you style your jewellery pieces carefully. Which is why we’ve put together some simple tips for styling mixed metal jewellery to get you started: 


Wear a combination piece

If you’re just coming around to the idea of wearing mixed metal pieces but you’re not quite ready to commit to mixing different items just yet, then a combination piece would be ideal for you. Combination bracelets and necklaces subtly combine two metals into one cohesive piece which can, when you’re feeling brave enough to, also make mixing individual metal pieces together far easier as it can act as a bridge between the two colours.

Keep to a consistent style

The main thing to remember when you’re just starting to build up your confidence in mixing metals is to ensure that it looks intentional. Keep a consist style to allow for a cohesive look. By which we mean, keep delicate pieces together, pair chunky pieces together and don’t mix modern with vintage styles.

Pick a centrepiece

If you’re still a little bit unsure then pick a centrepiece to become your main jewellery item. This can be a large ring, a chunky bracelet, a choker necklace or even a beautiful watch. Once you’ve got your centrepiece, simply work everything else around it so that it matches in style and size.

Layer different sizes

If all your jewellery pieces are statements on their own and you’re struggling to pick a centrepiece then simply layer bracelets and necklaces of different sizes to stop the attention being drawn to one particular piece.

Monitor the Ratio

When it comes to stacking mixed metals, it is important to keep a close eye on the ratio of metals. It is better to pick your main metal, whether that is gold or silver, and then to simply add in a few other metals alongside it. This tends to work better than using a 50/50 ratio as it stops your selections from looking too over-the-top!

Think about your outfit

A simple, plain top is ideal when it comes to layering mixed metal necklaces as the basic backdrop draws attention to the jewellery and helps to make it the focal point of your outfit.


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