Top things brides regret after their wedding day is over

Top things brides regret after their wedding day is over

Hi everyone! This week I have compile a 40-point list as to the top regret’s brides have after their wedding day is over. We have the big mistakes, the style tips, beauty tips and tricks, DIY hacks, wedding budget help and many more! With hindsight we look back over some brides’ wedding days to see what they would have told their pre-wedding selves.


  1. Not having two dresses

This one is all about the comfort – having a massive ballgown dress is amazing, and will make you look like a princess, but halfway through the night when you are having a half-cut dance off with your brother in law – it may prove to be uncomfortable. Consider having another backup outfit in case you fancy changing.

  1. Not having their ceremony filmed professionally

The day goes by SO FAST. People tell you this, but you never really appreciate it until your day is over. Consider getting your special day filmed – we personally did and are so glad, because there were plenty of moments we would have missed if we didn’t.

  1. Not having comfy shoes

Those Irregular choice shoes look amazing, but the comfort level may not be what your used personally to (we know you love flip flops) If you have a long wedding dress, you may not even see your shoes! Personally, I opted for a box of guest flip flops, and at 7pm I ditched my heels for flips flops and eventually bare feet, it felt like taking your bra off at the end of an 18 hour shift – HEAVEN.

  1. Not having a quiet moment

Many brides I speak to regret not actually spending TIME with their new husband. The day is all about the two of you, yet somehow that can get lost in the stress and planning of it all. Schedule in at least half an hour to take a walk around your venue and spend some time with your new hubs.

  1. Not having a more relaxed wedding

Weddings can quickly go from a small intimate wedding, to a banquet in a castle for 200 people, and with wedding fairs and expos, the temptation can be real. Before going to any fairs or venues, have a chat with your hubs-to-be. See where you’re both at with what you want out of your wedding day. Need some help? Try going on Pinterest and start pinning your favourite images.

  1. Not treating themselves during the planning process

Budgeting, lack of time and planning can really take a toll on you. Be sure to treat yourself and reward yourself on the run up to your special day. Get a facial, massage or get your nails done with your girls.

  1. Listening too much to other people

Your family and friends may have their heart in the right place, but after listing to your third bridesmaid tell you for the 4th time how their friend had a magician at their wedding, you may feel pulled in all directions. If need be, take a week’s break, sit in silence, take a few deep breaths and ask yourself what you want YOUR wedding to be like.

  1. Asking for gifts they thought they wanted

Think you NEED that £800 coffee machine? What about that robot vacuum? Gifts like this can seem awesome at the time, but think about 18 months after the wedding – can you still see yourself using them? Controversially we asked for money from our wedding, and we used that towards buying our puppy 6 months later! We thought that was one of the best wedding presents in the history of wedding gifting (but then were biased)

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  1. Paying too much for décor (I’m looking at YOU £300 centerpieces)

Despite what you think, the centerpieces and other décor doesn’t need to be flash, if your venue is amazing in itself. When you first took a tour of your venue, if your reaction was anything but ‘wow, this is dull’ (which it probably wasn’t) then your venue has lots of its own charm. Why would you want to detract from that with overloaded décor?

  1. Worrying too much

Its difficult not too, but the biggest regret I hear of over and over again, is that brides regret worrying too much. Things will naturally not go to plan, and that’s okay. As long as the feel of your day isn’t ruined, and your wedding reflects you and your partner, everything has gone perfectly.

  1. Upgrading too much

Think having four canape choices instead of three. Or adding an extra tier on your wedding cake. So many women have said they wish that they would have dialed it down a little, and saved themselves some much needed cash at the same time.

  1. Not living in the moment

Strangely enough, the ceremony seems to be the biggest aspect of the day that ends up being a blur. Especially if its long and your nervous. Consciously remember to stop, take a breath and be present in the moment and the fact that you’re getting married!

  1. Spending too much

This one is pretty self-explanatory, BUT over spending on unnecessary tings may seem on trend at the time, but do they really reflect who you are as a couple? Do they spark joy for you both? Do you think your guests will be talking about this for a long time?

  1. Spending too much time doing ‘other things’

Being busy just to be busy. You don’t have to spend a great deal of time doing ‘busy work’ the week of your wedding. Try delegating tasks and getting your bridesmaids involved – they’d love to help!

  1. Going over the top on the favours

The top thing that guests don’t remember is the favours. It’s a fact. So rather than spending £10 each and stressing over them – opt for something simple. Check etsy for great low-cost charming favour ideas.

  1. Having too many in the bridal party

One bride we spoke to voiced their wish to have thought more about their bridal party. Its not about who will look good in their dresses, its about who will pick you up when your feeling down? Who will plan your dream bridal shower? Who will help you out at 2am when you can’t sleep because the favours aren’t put together yet? Its about more than just the day, it’s about lifelong friendship too.

  1. Having Too many guests

This one explains itself really – don’t invite people you haven’t seen in 2 years, and don’t imagine seeing after the wedding.

  1. Not planning for the weather

I know you’re thinking you’re getting married in July, you don’t need to worry about the weather. But trust me – you do. We got married the end of June, and it was blue skies the entire month. The day of my wedding, it rained. Luckily my amazing venue had everything planned, but if they hadn’t, or you hadn’t, it would have ended up being a bit of a nightmare. Make sure to ask your venue what their protocol is, if it rains on the day.

  1. Using snail mail

Using posted invited or save the dates is the tradition, but that can mean slow post and lost mail. Many brides suggest emailing the save the dates or even the invites. Its instant, free and very efficient.

  1. Not eating in the morning

The morning of your wedding can be a rush of makeup, hair and dresses. However, make sure to eat at least something small before your head off to your venue. When you’re nervous and emotions are high, your body will thank you for a granola bar or two.

  1. Not hiring a photographer (or a good one)

Not hiring a photographer is a rare find, but hiring one that doesn’t come with recommendations can be a fatal move. Make sure to find reviews, have a chat with them and look at their portfolio before you sign on the dotted line. Remember – these photos will be the only thing left from your wedding in 40 years time.

  1. Not having ‘The dream dress’

One particular bride we spoke to – mentioned that she had found the perfect dress, but opted for one that was on the sale rail and half the price. She felt regret looking back because she knew that dress was ‘the one.’ Its often not worth saving the extra cash if you’re looking back and thinking ‘I wish I had worn THAT dress.

  1. Spending too much on the dress

On the flip side is being pressure into buying a really expensive dress. If you’re more of a simple, low maintenance type of girl, going for a ballgown layered dress with sequins may not be your thing.

  1. Drinking too much

We’ve all seen it. You get the end of the night and the happy couple have necked too many glasses of prosecco. You WILL be bought drinks, and you WILL nervously drink them. Just make sure not to drink so much that you forget your day.

  1. Rushing

This goes hand in hand with not being organized. But rushing on the morning of the wedding, can be a recipe for high stress and roller-coaster emotions. Try making a timeline of your day, with at least 30 mins free just in case.

  1. Not having the right do

I personally NEVER wear my hair up. And I’m glad at the last minute I changed my mind on my high bun hairstyle. Going for what suits you day to day, is going to suit you on your big day too – so make sure that you take note of what works.

  1. Not having a ‘first look’

This is a tough one. Seeing your partner down the aisle can be amazing, but having an intimate moment with your fiancé before the ceremony can calm nerves and ground you. Have a talk with your other half and your photographer and see what the right choice for you will be.

  1. Not dancing with Your dad

This is one of my biggest regrets. I didn’t even think about it until one day on the honeymoon and It hit me like a ton of bricks. Be sure to make a note of all of the important moments that are a must for your wedding.

  1. Not trying on the dress one..more….time

Stress does funny things, it can make you drop a stone in a week, and make you put on 4lbs in the same time frame! It never hurts to try on your dress one more time, and also having a run through of how to put the dress on isn’t a bad idea either, especially if it’s a complicated lace up design.

  1. Not serving more food

If you’re having a long wedding day, you can’t only serve the wedding breakfast at 3pm, it may be a good idea to at least have some canapés to avoid hangry guests

  1. Not serving Less food

On the flip side, having too much food can mean bloated and full guests, especially if they are waiting for the special couple to have their pictures taken. Try to opt for a happy medium when it comes to food.

  1. Not having something to look forward to after the post wedding blues

Post wedding blues is REAL. After the wedding, after the presents and after the honeymoon there will be a void. After 12 months of panning it will feel very strange not having a project or something to do. Planning a weekend away or getting stuck into something else is a great way to keep your mind busy.

  1. Not doing morning of the wedding gifts

Morning of the wedding gifts make a special keepsake for any couple, consider giving each other a special token on the morning of your day. Want some ideas? Check out our wedding gifts for meaningful gifts for the groom and the bride.

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  1. Not having a talk with your photographer

They may be an expert, but they aren’t mind readers. Be sure to make a list of the shots you 100% want to get on the day, and make sure to pass these on to your photographer and explain each one.

  1. Not setting a budget

Setting a budget is a wedding-planning must. Knowing how much you want to spend is a great way to stop you from getting carried away. What is the biggest regret here? Not sticking to it. Many brides set a budget, but as the months wear on, it all goes out the window. Be sure ti set a realistic budget and stick to it.

  1. Inviting family you really don’t want to be there

Family woes are extremely common. A big one on the list of regrets for brides is inviting family members whose presence will upset you. Not sure what I mean? Think aunt Esther who always brings you down with her nasty comments or uncle Henry who gets blind drunk and makes a fool of himself. This is your day, be sure to keep it that way.

  1. Scrimping on the wrong things

Cutting back I personally think is a thing that all brides can do. But scrimping on the wrong things can make your wedding ‘feel’ done on a budget. For example, having faux flowers for the décor is a great cut back, on the other hand scrimping on your hair and makeup may show, and make you feel uneasy. Still not sure? Make a list of ‘musts’ for your day, and splash your budget on those.

  1. Not doing a practice run getting to the venue

Driving to the venue yourself can make you aware of any possible awkwardness getting to your venue. Guests may have troubles finding it if they’re just following a 10-year-old sat nav! Also driving the route yourself will make you aware of any road works or possible delays.

  1. Not hiring a planner or co Ordinator

This one again, is pretty self-explanatory, but having someone make sure your day runs smoothly is priceless, especially if you have a full time job to work around. Putting a price on having less stress and time is hard, which is why many brides wish they opted for this!

  1. Not being yourself

By far the BIGGEST regret I see. I’ve heard everything from “big poofy dresses aren’t my thing – I’m a jeans a t-shirt girl! So why was I pushed into having one on my wedding day?” to “I had big fake lashes on my wedding day, that made me feel so unnatural and gross – I normally only wear concealer and lipstick!”

Being YOU is so important. Your wedding day is special, so I can see the appeal of trying to be someone different, however your fiancé loves you for you, they asked you to marry them because they love YOU! So please be the best YOU you can be on your big day – and best of all – HAVE FUN!

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