Top 5 First Dance Ideas

The first dance, regarded as one of the most special wedding traditions, often becomes a thorn in the side of most couples during the planning process. What do we do, will we get it right, will people be cringing from their tables? 

Trust us though, you really don’t have to be one of those couples, there is a multitude of different ways you can spice up your routine. No dance experience needed!

Take a look at our top 5 favourites for some inspiration!

  1. Interpretive Dance 

Looking for a unique way to make an impact? Tell your love story with a personalised interpretive dance that takes your family and friends on the journey with you. 

Interpretive dance is exactly as it sounds, interpretive. You’ll never need to be perfect and it’s quite easy to learn just a few simple moves while acting out what led you and your beloved to that glistening dance floor. 

Take it as more detailed game of charades…about you! 

  1. Group Dance

Definitely the current trend, group dances have made their appearance on Youtube and Facebook, racking up thousands of views. Essentially, either the groomsmen (and groom) or the bridal party (and bride) put on a show for their partner, ending with a special dance between them, or whatever you want!

This is where you can truly get creative and involve your friends and family! Practice a sweet or funny routine with your party and make one epic surprise. 

  1. Classic Dance

Are you and your love just old school souls? Don’t worry, big and extravagant isn’t for everybody, that’s why you can just go classic with a traditional dance, still making your guests ooo and ahh with happiness. 

Choose a song that’s meaningful to you both, like something that you heard on your first date together! This will make all the emotions on the day that much more powerful. Cue the tissues. 

  1. Choreographed Dance

Interested in REALLY making an impression? Take dance classes with your partner and come up with an incredible choreographed routine that’ll make the crowd go wild. This isn’t for everyone and takes a lot more effort, but the result can be well worth it. 

Love hip hop or classical? Choose a style that matches your personality and get ready to dance! 

  1. Traditional Dance

Most families are saturated with tradition and honouring your roots can be very special for you and your loved ones. For example, if you’re from Scotland, you could perform a traditional folk dance (you may even be lucky enough to know someone who plays the bagpipes)!

If you want to be unique, you can even invite the guests to join in at the end! 

All in all, you have many different choices, but it’s all about what will make you happy! We hope we’ve helped you narrow down your ideas with these 5 dances expecially for your big day. 

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