Things you might be forgetting on your wedding to-do list..




Planning a wedding can be enough to put you off marriage, run away and live with ten cats. The list of things to organise and take care of is never ending and can certainly increase stress levels. Even when you do manage to check everything off, there is that underlying feeling that you have forgotten something. Did you confirm the bridesmaids’ transportation? Did everyone get their invite? Are you going to forget to count yourself in the catering numbers?


Whatever the size of your wedding, there are always some things that get forgotten about, left to the last minute or do not get enough attention they deserve. This post is for those things. Read on to uncover the forgotten wedding to-do list.


  1. Find Out When the Sun Sets


Knowing when the sun will set on your big day may appear a strange thing to find out, but if you have paid a lot of money for a professional photographer you should find this out. Some of the most idyllic wedding photos are taken when the sun is setting. Don’t get caught out with a mouth full of cake when it should be time to say cheese!


  1. Check for Food Allergies


This one is becoming less of a forgotten task, especially with the rise in different dietary requirements. However, some brides and grooms still forget to inquire about guests’ food allergies. In the heated debate between profiteroles and crème brûlée, consider your guests’ needs. It is sometimes worthwhile to ask this question on your invites.


  1. Contingency Plans for Bad Weather


If you plan on having part of your wedding outdoors, you cannot be guaranteed of a sun-drenched afternoon. If you are braving it and predicting a British heatwave for your July wedding, stray on the side of caution and have a back-up plan in case the heavens open.


  1. The Banned Music List


You may have organised a playlist for your DJ, but have you made a list of music that he or she is not allowed to play? Maybe you are trying to avoid cliché songs, cheesy wedding numbers or do not want to be reminded of your ex in the first hours of marriage. Whatever your reason, a banned list of songs can help make your special day just how you want it.


  1. Eat and Drink!


Weddings require the bride and groom to do a lot of mingling. Thanking a string of distant relatives and showing appreciation for their attendance can be tiring. Not to forget all the other things that need to be done – or worried about. Being pulled in all directions usually means brides and grooms fail to eat enough and drink enough water during the day. Counter this by having a big breakfast, drink plenty of non-alcoholic fluids, and make sure you get an extra slice of your wedding cake.



How many of these five things had you forgotten to take care of? Consider this to-do list our wedding gift to you - and have a wonderful day!

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