The Year of the Amethyst Pendant:

Each year Pantone, the colour specialists, look back at past trends across a breadth of different industries from fashion and film to technology and art to predict the coming year’s most influential colour. And as we begin to settle into the New Year, we can now wave goodbye to 2017’s ‘Greenery’ and welcome in ‘Ultra Violet’ – the colour of 2018. 

Described by Pantone as being a colour that “lights the way to what is yet to come” and indicates intrigue, mystery, originality and visionary thinking, it seems that Ultra Violet has a lot to live up to this year.

The Year of the Amethyst Pendant:

And in terms of jewellery, it seems that 2018 is going to be the year that the amethyst pendant shines yet again. And rightly so. As one of the few stones with a natural violet-purple colouration to it, the amethyst is an easily recognisable yet unique jewel.

The amethyst was once as sought after as the diamond and while it is no longer held in quite the same esteem, it is still a largely desirable jewellery piece. Purple itself was once a colour that was attributed to royalty and so the purple hue of an amethyst pendant can instantly add an element of effortless elegance to any outfit.  In addition, the stone is not only strong but is also found in a variety of shades and over the years it has come to have many attributes, making it not only beautiful but versatile too. As a result of its varied shading, the purple gemstone can be easily attached to both gold and silver statement jewellery pieces and so a well-established amethyst jewellery collection can contain everything from bracelets to purple stone rings.

Pair an amethyst with a silver chain for a hint of regal elegance, opt for rose gold for a touch of sophistication that isn’t too overpowering or simply go classic and select a gold chain for the ultimate statement piece.

Special Occasion Amethyst Jewellery:

An amethyst pendant can be used to mark a special occasion, particularly for those born in February as it is the birthstone for the second month of the year.  However, as the amethyst itself has long been renowned for representing purity, faithfulness and for having healing qualities, it isn’t a stone that should be restricted to those born in February. 

In fact, the amethyst is also believed to be the stone of love and Saint Valentine himself is said to have worn a ring containing an amethyst pendant. So, for those who are already looking to the future as Pantone are suggesting we should be this year, a piece of unique amethyst jewellery could seamlessly slide in to the valentine’s jewellery collection as a gift next month.

But whether you’re already thinking about Valentine’s Day, February birthday’s or you’re just looking for a January treat, we’ve got a range of amethyst statement jewellery pieces that will instantly add a bit of Pantone’s Ultra Violet forward-thinking to your wardrobe.


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