The Statement Made Jewellery Guide to Birthstones- Part 2

The Statement Made Jewellery Guide to Birthstones- Part 2

We have already looked at the birthstones that cover the first half of the year, helping you to find the ideal treat for someone special to you. Now it is time to look at the second half of the year and the different stones that you can find.

July- Ruby

Those that are born in July can be a little on the fiery side. Which means that it makes perfect sense that their birthstone is a gloriously bright red colour. Ruby is a stone that represents love, passion, emotion and courage. It is often seen as one of the most valued stones and this often down to the lovely red shades that they come in.

August- Peridot and Spinel

Another month that claims two different birthstones, if you are buying for someone who was born in August then you can choose from Peridot or Spinel. Peridot is a bright and colourful lime green in colour and is thought to be a stone that can give the wearer a feeling of power. Spinel is a stone that comes in a variety of colours and it is thought that it will soothe away sadness as well as protected the person from any possible harm.

September- Sapphire

September birthdays can look forward to the stunning blue shades of Sapphire. The Greek word for blue, it is often thought that Sapphire is the ultimate blue gemstone. It represents honesty, trust, purity and loyalty and not only is it a popular choice for birthstone based jewellery gifts, but also for engagement and wedding presents too.

October- Tourmaline and Opal

Both Tourmaline and Opal are the birthstones of October. Tourmaline, which means mixed stone is one that comes in a rainbow of colours including peach, bubblegum pink, mint, grass and canary yellow. Ideal for a varied and colourful wardrobe and jewellery collection. Opal, which has been known as the Queen of Gems, includes a variety of colours from other gems. Opals are one of a kind and will make sure that your special someone feels extra special.

November- Citrine and Topaz

If you need to buy a gift for someone who has a November birthday then you can choose from Citrine and Topaz. Citrine boasts a rich and warm colour which has lead it to be believed that this healing gemstone is a gift from the sun. Topaz also comes in a rich orange colour, which is often the most desired variation, however you can also buy it in blue, pink and yellow too.

December- Zircon, Tanzanite and Turquoise

Not only are those born in December lucky enough to have a Christmas time birthday. But they also get three different birthstones. Zircon is most sought after in the vivid blue shades, however it also comes in red, yellow, orange and green and is thought to promote honour and wisdom in the wearer.

Another choice is Tanzanite, which is only found in one place on Earth and features an exotic blue and purple colour which means that it is incredibly sought after and valued.

Finally, Turquoise, which is one of the oldest gemstones and has been popular for centuries. It is often worn by royalty throughout the ages. It is thought to promote the wealth and status of the person that wears it as well as protecting them from evil.

So, there you have it. An ideal gift for those that are special to you, all based on their birth month. Thanks to us here at Statement Made Jewellery, you can not only find a piece of jewellery that is special, but one that is stylish too!



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