The Guide To New Year's Resolutions That Actually Stick

Are you one of those people who set a bunch of New Year’s resolutions and never follow through with them? If so, don’t worry, we aren’t judging. Keeping to your goals is honestly quite difficult and usually, after a while, they just slip out of your mind. 

You can also fall into the trap of making unrealistic resolutions that are based on things out of your control or take a lot of hard work to become a reality. It’s important to go easy and we’ve compiled a little list of ways you can help yourself to achieve everything you want to in the new year. 

Make reasonable goals (or just one).

It’s easy to overwhelm yourself by making too many goals and even while all of them may be great aspirations, it’s better to keep it simple and add on later. Choose one goal that you really have set your mind on achieving and make this your sole focus, something like lose 5 kilos within a certain period of time. Once you’ve achieved that goal, expound on it or add something new that you want to overcome. 

Follow up. 

Now that you’ve decided on what you’re going to achieve, it’s time to make a plan and put it into action. Define what you need to do to get where you want to, going from the example above, make a plan to go to the gym ‘x’ amount of times per week and commit to an easy healthy eating plan you know that you’ll keep up with. Even with all this, it’s not good enough. You have to physically get yourself in gear to make it happen and maybe ask a friend to keep you accountable, especially in terms of going to the gym! 

Make it visual. 

Something that really helps me get through and reminds me what I need to do is writing down my goal (or goals) on post-it notes, placing them somewhere I will see them every day (like on a desk or your fridge!). Seeing the daily reminder is helpful to put you in a mindset to again follow up and not forget about it. It does seem like such a menial thing but trust us, it really works. 

Check in. 

Regularly go back to your goal and see how you’re progressing. Keeping in line with the most common goal (losing weight), set up a schedule to weigh yourself every 2 weeks. Don’t be unhealthy and obsess over it, just make sure to track your progress so you know where you’re at. This will allow you the chance to make necessary changes to accelerate your progress or keep to it. 

Celebrate your achievements. 

One thing people rarely do is congratulate themselves and celebrate those little moments of victory along their journey of achieving their goals. This is honestly an important step to just reinforce a positive mindset and reaffirm why you’re doing what you’re doing. Following on the examples from before, maybe take a little cheat day and go out for a special meal. Don’t go crazy, but still make time to acknowledge your success.

All in all, take your time and don’t rush into anything too serious. Celebrate the little moments and don’t ever give up! 2020 is your year.  

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