We’ve got breaking news, if you’ve always wanted that ‘something blue’ wedding, 2020 is your year. According to our sources, classic blue will be the wedding colour of the New Year. We love a good blue colour scheme and with endless combination possibilities, it’s the perfect base to build your wedding theme on. If you’re a beachy boho queen or dark and mysterious, it really doesn’t matter! You can’t go wrong with blue. 

Our tip, reference a Pantone Guide if you’re looking to find the exact shade of blue along with complimenting colours. It’ll also help you when discussing with suppliers as you’ll need to confirm the shade you want for table decorations, the cake, flowers, invitations and the like. Intimidating? Don’t worry, we’ll be making a post to help you out with that soon!

Favourite shade? Dusty Blue.

Romantic and cool, dusty blue combined with soft green and off-white has been really popular and we predict it’ll still be going strong in 2020. If you have a natural, elegant style, it’s a great option and use elements of greenery to really tie the scheme in a nice bow. 

Ice Blue. 

Elsa’s favourite colour scheme, ice blue and blush pink are a match made in heaven. More of a girly theme, pair light pink accents with your ice blue bridesmaid dresses etc. for a princessy modern feel. As we’ve said, colours are up to interpretation, so even if you’re not into a delicate ladylike style, it can be translated to just about anything. 


Ahh, classic Navy. A wedding staple and extremely popular colour choice, pair Navy and Mauve/Burgundy for a rustic traditional vibe. Considering many gentlemen’s tailoring is made in Navy, it’s perfect to combine a lovely suit with mauve bridesmaids dresses and of course, floral accents. Navy can also be paired well with gold or black, depending on your mood. 

Airy Blue.

Think of a crisp autumn day with blue skies and fluffy clouds, then translate that thought into a combination of airy blue and silver for the most elegant of looks. One of our favourites, especially for Autumn/Winter, the two colours are a match made in heaven. From the decor side, we’d love sprigs of silver beading popped along with crystalline coloured table runners. Add twinkling ‘Christmas’ lights for an enchanting winter wonderland. 

Slate Blue. 

Slate blue is a staple colour and with semblance to gray, can be paired with many different colours to achieve a winning wedding palette. We love the idea of basics, meaning to combine slate with colours like nude/cream or even dusty pink for a basic, but wonderful scheme. Perfect for Spring and Summer months, you might see this on a stunning beach or grassy field. 

Sky Blue. 

A fantastically beautiful shade, sky blue can be paired with so many colours and our favourite would have to be gold. Sky blue bridesmaid dresses can be complemented with gold leaf belts or jewellery for an absolutely elegant and sophisticated vibe. In terms of your decor, the two go hand in hand and with some luxury gold accents, you’ll be feeling like royalty. 

We hope that you love blue as much as we do, considering it’s sure to dominate 2020’s wedding market! There are a vast spectrum of shades you can choose from so take your pick, make your combination and get ready for the wedding of your dreams. 

Happy New Year!

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