The Best Tips for Couples Who Just Got Engaged!




There are fewer more memorable moments in life than the moment you got engaged. Now that you’re officially a team for life, you need to start tackling problems and life’s hurdles together – and what more of a monumental way to start than to plan a wedding together.


Whether you’re scared, excited or already feeling stressed - just take a minute, pour yourself a glass of red and tell your partner you’ve both got this! You likely have a bunch of family members and supportive friends to help you along the way.


And guess what! Statement Made Jewellery are also here for you with these top tips for after the proposal…


Tip #1 – Have THE Conversation NOW


Now that getting married is not just something likely to happen, and you may have avoided the conversation out of freaking each other out; it's actually time to have that conversation. You need to work together to decide on the size of your wedding, budget, location and some of the smaller details.


At this time, it’s important to be honest with your partner about what you’ve been dreaming up, but at the same time, it’s also crucial that you respect your fiancée’s thoughts and wishes. You may have to compromise or find mutual solutions.


But most importantly, have that conversation now and not in a few months!


Tip #2 – Remember that Weddings are Expensive


There are an array of reasons why you need to have the big conversation from the off, but one of them is because of your budget. Knowing what you both have in mind will allow you to identify a budget and savings goals. Starting to save should be your priority as a newly engaged couple and you can start making a financial plan together that you both commit to.


Tip #3 – STOP Asking Others


Although you may want an opinion on your wedding dress or the locations you have been browsing, you should also keep in mind that only your two opinions matter. You can, of course, welcome opinions and let's face it, your bestie is going to offer them no matter what. However, don't confuse that with having to take their advice on board.


In the end, the big day will be about you both and it's your two opinions that mean everything.


Tip #4 – Stop Planning


This final tip for couples that just got engaged may sound counterproductive, but it may be the best one for your relationship together. Just because you got engaged doesn't mean the next months and years of your life should revolve around one of your day's together – even if it's a big one.


Have adventures together, plan other dates and events but do not let your whole life revolve around your wedding planning duties. It’s important to still do the things that brought you together and enjoy every minute loving each other and making each other truly happy.



If you’re a newly engaged couple, then equip your relationship with these awesome tips and remember – you’ve both got this!




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