The 10 most adorable ways to include a pet in your wedding

The 10 most adorable ways to include a pet in your wedding 


Welcome back to all the brides out there! This week we are talking about how to include your pet in your wedding! Whether it’s a dog, cat, bird or hamster - creatures great and small are loved all around! We have some amazing and cute ways to include yours in your wedding:


  1. Use your pet to propose

If you have been together for a while, and have brought a beautiful fur baby into your happy home - this can be an amazing way to pop the question! Also - cuteness overload!?


  1. have your pet attend the wedding 

Before your imagination run wild - this can largely depend on your venue, your location and your pet! Dogs make this so easy, but if you have a horse, cat or rabbit it’s not impossible to make this a reality!


  1. include them in the save the dates 

If you are having an engagement shoot to include them in your save the dates or invitations, having a cute family photo would be a sweet way to include them! Take a look on Etsy for amazing dog/cat friendly selfie props.


  1. Make them the ring bearer

Rover can really put his fetch skills into practice here! Dogs are inherently better at this than most animals - but stranger things have happened than a rabbit playing fetch! If your dog is likely to run around the ceremony area wanting to play, consider having an usher or a groomsmen walk them with a lead down the aisle, with a ring pillow on their harness.


  1. Pet of honour

If you feel like making room in your wedding party for your four-legged friend, having a pet of honour is a great idea. If they are able to sit or stand quietly whilst photos are being taken, this would make for a great photo opportunity!


  1. Sign holder

Again, if your pet can walk quietly and doesn’t mind the hustle and bustle of a wedding ceremony - perhaps letting them be the first one to walk down the aisle with a sign is the way to go! 


  1. If you are a horse rider - let them take you into your ceremony

So okay, we were thinking of Snow White when we wrote this, but this would make a fab idea for those who are very experienced in horse riding, and are getting married in an outdoor area. This will especially work well if you are getting ready at the venue, as you won’t have for to go, and can hop on, make your entrance and hop off relatively easily.


  1. Carry your small let down the aisle rather than a bouquet 

We think this one is so adorable - if you have a small pet, let’s say a rabbit or a hamster, if they are happy to sit in a comfy decorated floral basket for a while, this could make the alternate brides bouquet dream! 


  1. Have them be a popular photo booth attendant 

I’ll be honest, if I attended a wedding with a dog near the photo booth, that’s where I’ll be all night! If your pooch is calm and collected - having them sit and having their photograph taken with the guests will be an amazing momento! Just make sure to set some ground rules to avoid your pet getting agitated!


  1. if your pet can’t attend the ceremony...

Why not include them anyway! Here’s a quick list of how you can include your pet even if your venue isn’t suitable for them to attend:

  • include them as a wedding cake topper 
  • Include them in your table decorations 
  • Have a picture of them on one of the side tables
  • Consider having a small accessory with their face on (socks, cufflinks, shoes etc)
  • Name a cocktail after them
  • Have your pets face printed on confetti
  • Have your pets face in edible icing on a cake layer


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