Ten Unique Ways to Cut Wedding Costs


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It’s no secret that a wedding has you breaking open the piggy bank and reaching down the side of the sofa. Every penny counts and the cost of a wedding can soon spiral out of control. Before you sell your belongings or put the honeymoon on hold, consider these ten unique ways to cut wedding costs without compromising on quality or luxury.


  1. Make it Intimate


With every guest added to your wedding list, the cost goes up. Making your wedding intimate with just your closest and dearest family and friends means you can save a lot of money. Although having a huge party may be great fun, an intimate wedding can be just as exciting and even more beautiful.


  1. Allow Advertising


We know what you’re thinking. Your wedding isn't a corporate dinner. Yet, advertising the services of your chosen musician or photographer in subtle ways - such as adding their details to your thank-you notes or on seating cards - can save you money. This is possible if you agree an advertising discount with your service providers beforehand.


  1. Change Your Gift List


Instead of registering for a new toaster or kettle, you can worry about these items later and ask your guests to chip in with different jobs. Maybe your family has a professional photographer among them or is part of a band. Most close friends and family will be happy to do this for you.


  1. Self-Catering


Worrying if your souffle will rise and how your lamb tastes is not an ideal way to spend the happiest day of your life. Self-catering most of your wedding is often not feasible. However, it is possible to self-cater different parts of the wedding including the cake. Your gran or auntie may have the solution. Or, you could stack shop-bought cakes into tiers to resemble a traditional wedding cake.


  1. Avoid Unnecessary Gifts


Some couples choose to give their best men and bridesmaids gifts. This is not always expected or tradition anymore. You can dial the gifts down to a bunch of flowers or choose to give them a warm mention within the speeches instead.


  1. Create Your Own Invites


Beautiful invites are possible without paying for professional services. Buy some good quality paper and get creative or open your laptop and start designing your own unique invites. Just make sure you double-check the details and get someone else to proofread everything.


  1. Give Students a Chance


Bands can be expensive, but students who play in bands will love the opportunity to add a wedding to their experiences list. Contacting universities to find out if their music department has students who are available can save you some significant money. Note, make sure you hear them for yourself before booking.


  1. Speak to a Ladies’ Auxiliary


For couples getting wed in a church, a small donation to the church’s ladies’ auxiliary can reap rewards. A lot of the women involved would love to help out as much as they can and can be extremely useful when it comes to setting up and adding your decorations on the big day.


  1. Avoid the W-Word


When you book services for your wedding, including florists and caterers, never mention the W-word. Telling service providers that it is for a wedding often means an instant mark-up on price. Don't lie, but if you can void mentioning it’s for a wedding until a fee is agreed you may have saved money without realising.


  1. Planning is Key


Overall, planning is your best weapon for a cost-effective wedding. Booking services in advance allows you to find the best value for money for your big day. Stay organised and buy a notepad and planner!


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