Statement Jewellery Ideas For Christmas

Even for someone who doesn’t wear a lot of jewellery, statement pieces add that extra something special for your holiday getup whether celebrating Christmas or New Year’s. Have a plain dress or suit? Pick up a pair of dazzling drop earrings or opt for a chunky necklace to take your look from drab to fab. 

Drop Earrings 

Earrings are always a good choice when looking to elevate an outfit and with millions of different designs from just about anywhere, you really have every option under the sun. For our Christmas look, we’d pair a dramatic navy blue dress with ‘star/constellation’ earrings in crystal white or ruby gemstones. The combination is luxe and sexy, perfect for a party in the night. 

When choosing the right earring set, you want to take into consideration just how much weight you’re willing to carry around and whether or not they’ll match the overall idea you’re going for. Statement earrings usually can be quite heavy so you should prepare yourself for a challenge, sensitive ears beware.

Bejewelled Necklace

A statement necklace can really be a girl’s best friend. We know we said earrings will bring the drama, but you can really create something magical with a necklace bedazzled with jewels. Are you a vintage queen or going to a themed party? Bring some elegance with a drop tier pearl necklace, something that never goes out of style. 

Our pick? We’d go for a graceful champagne silk suit matched with a dotted gemstone pearl necklace. With a killer look like this, you’re sure to turn every head in the room. 

Sucker Punch Ring 

Yes, we know, strange name right? We class anything so big and crazy that it’ll leave a mark, a ‘sucker punch ring’. It’s not for everyone and certainly only practical if you’re going to an event unless you’re that extra type of person who loves the bling (there’s no shame in that).

Rings are a staple for any day of the week and if you’re looking for something amazing to don on your fingers this Christmas, you’ve got a lot to choose from. If you don’t want to spend a fortune on a genuine gemstone ring, there are many places designing costume jewellery that still looks amazing. We’d pair a short emerald green dress with (of course) an emerald and gold ring. If it has accent colours like burgundy, even better. 

Luxe Bracelet 


Ahh the bracelet, a pinnacle of glamour. Wearing a short-sleeve number for the holidays? A stunning bracelet is just what you need. If you’re not interested in something too big, like a cuff, you can go dainty while still making an impact. 

Our recommendation though, a statement cuff in gold or silver with an oversized gemstone or pattern set with a plain outfit to show off the piece. You can even go so far as to cuff your entire forearm in bling, we won’t judge! Certainly, no one else will either. 

Flashy Anklet

Probably one of the more overlooked jewellery types, an anklet is such a sultry addition to your outfit when paired with a stunning pair of heels. It’s usually considered more of a summer piece but we think a bit differently about it, why not add bling anywhere you can?

We paired together a high-low gown with a pair of sparkly heels and a decadent anklet for a look that is frankly amazing. 

We hope you’ve gotten some inspiration on styles you can elevate your Christmas/New Year’s look with. Let us know in the comments your favourite!

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