Jewellery Rules for Unsure Brides

You may be basking in bridal bliss after securing the perfect dress, but if you don’t accessorise well, you could just compromise on your whole look. It’s not every day that you get to throw on a big white gown and receive all of the attention. But it’s also not every day that you have to decide on what accessories go with a wedding dress. Learn the DOs and the No-Ways right here…


Do Combine Old and New


If your gran is excited because you will wear her own wedding-day bracelet down the aisle, then you never have to disappoint. It’s perfectly okay to combine vintage pieces within the family with newer items. Just remember, try to get your diverse pieces to at least have similar shapes.


Avoid Necklaces with One-Shoulder Dresses


One-shoulder asymmetrical dresses are bang in fashion but adding a necklace to these statement dresses diverts onlookers’ attention and clashes. Choose a beautiful bracelet or an amazing pair of earrings instead.


Do Choose Colour


Just because your wedding dress is a neutral colour does not mean you can’t and some pizzazz into the frame. A dash of purple, red or even green can be a nice touch to your appearance and also inject some of your own personality.


Less Is More


You’ve heard it with makeup and now you’re about to hear it with wedding dresses. Fewer jewellery items can certainly have a bigger impact. A good rule is to choose one larger item that will draw in the eye while balancing it with another smaller item or two. If you are unsure then stick with a pair of earrings and a simple bracelet. 


Say No Way to Watches


We get that you have a million things to attend to and a strict itinerary planned out, but wearing a watch is a bridal appearance killer. Your wedding photos may be filled with you and your significant other, but they will also be filled with close-up shots of your hands. 


From the alter to throwing the bouquet your hands are going to get a lot of camera time. It’s a no-brainer that you need to leave the watch out and choose an elegant bracelet instead. 


Do Consider Wedding Jewellery an Investment


Most of the time a wedding is expensive and there are always areas that you can cut costs, including on your dress and accessories. However, wedding day jewellery is not an expense that is lost. Jewellery can maintain or even increase in value, which is one good reason to not cut corners. 


Another is that you could contribute to the family heirloom and pass down your wedding jewellery to your granddaughter one day.



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