How to Throw an Eco-Friendly Wedding

With global warming and pollution taking up more column space than ever in newspapers and blogs, it really is a time to act. However, when planning your wedding day it is easy to forget about maintaining your eco-friendly principles. 


Nobody expects you to redesign your whole wedding but there are some small things you can do. Take a look at the tips below to help make your wedding as loving for the planet as it is loving for you, the happy couple.


  1. Encourage Guests to Ride Share


There is a strong chance that many of your family and friends are travelling to your chosen venue from the same locations. As orchestrator of the big day, you could encourage close family and friends to share a ride together, either driving or by Uber. This will cut emissions and contribute to a healthier planet.


  1. Opt for E-Invites


We get that the wedding invite can be an important detail but there are e-invites that can still offer an elegant touch. Make a bespoke e-invite to avoid the overuse of paper and card that is not likely to be recycled. You could even send special invites to a select group of guests and make e-invites for the rest of the party.


  1. Have a Plastic-Free Wedding


One of the best ways to make your wedding eco-friendly is to limit the use of plastic being used. Some venues may even offer plastic-free occasions and this means no plastic straws for those cocktails and certainly no balloons or plastic cups.


  1. Choose Your Venue Wisely


Another way to have a wedding that is considerate of the planet is to choose a venue that uses renewable energy or is even off the grid. There are plenty of options from picturesque castles to modern country clubs embracing solar or wind energy. Prioritise these venues to make your day even more eco-friendly!


  1. Choose a Second-Hand Dress


Some brides may not be up for compromising on their dress and that is perfectly fine. Others may be open to choosing a second-hand dress to save on materials, and the energy it requires to make a full wedding dress.


  1. Add Donations to Your Wedding List


If you have decided to register for gifts, you can ask guests to donate the money they would have spent on your new toaster or kettle to a charity or organisation that aims to help the planet. There are many organisations that you could choose to help - and it will make a difference!



These were six of many ways you can have an environmentally-friendly wedding. Make a great impression with guests and show your caring nature by adding some, or all of these, to your big day. 

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