How to spoil your best friend

How to spoil your best friend

Here at Statement Made Jewellery we love nothing more than letting those people in our lives know just how special they are. This could be a family member or perhaps a partner. These are not the only special people. Whilst your family are there because they have to be, our best friends are there by choice. This means that they deserve to have a special treat for sure!

With the run up to Christmas really kicking in, we have put together some of the best ways that you can spoil your best friend and make sure that they know how special they are!

Cook them dinner

Who doesn’t love having a delicious dinner whipped up for them? One of the simplest things that you can do for your friend, cooking dinner not only gives them a break, but also makes sure that they get to sit down and enjoy something delicious too. Just don’t forget the pudding.

Offer a babysitting service

If your friend is a mum, then chances are that they, and their partner find it hard to spend some time together. This means, if you want to give them a treat, then perhaps you could offer to babysit for them. It might sound like a strange offer, but in doing this you will give them the chance to have a night off and spend some alone time as an adult, and this is a pretty valuable thing to have!

Book in a spa day

Who doesn’t love the idea of being pampered and spoilt for an entire day? If this is definitely true for your best friend, then perhaps it is time to find a spa and book a day there. There are a variety of spas around the UK, and if you are looking to source a bargain then you can also check out the deal website such as Wowcher.

Simply be around

Another simple, and cost effective way that you can show your best friend that you care is to be around. Sit with them and have a cup of tea, chatting about your day and listening to some of the things that may be stressing them out at that time. This really is worth its weight in gold!

Buy them some special jewellery

If you really want your best friend to know how special they are to you, then you may find that the ultimate gift for them is a special piece of jewellery. This could be earrings, bracelets or necklaces. No matter what you pick make sure that it is special and that it has a truly unique and personal feel. Something that you can definitely find if you check out the gorgeous range we have here at Statement Made Jewellery.  

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