How to make wedding dress shopping a breeze

How to make wedding dress shopping a breeze


Whether you’re trying on strapless gowns, ballgowns, mermaid or fishtail gowns. Wedding dress shopping can be stressful. We have put together some DIY tips and tricks to help you make that wedding dress shopping easy, and help you envision what you will look like on your special day!


  1. Make sure you take your actual shoes or similar style of shoes with you

It’s true - dresses can look different in different pairs of shoes - make sure to take something similar with you. Also this will enable the dressmaker to have an idea of the length of dress you would need. This is necessary especially if you are having your dress made


  1. Wear a similar style of makeup that you would probably wear on your wedding day 

Gowns can sometimes wash you out (especially if you are pale skinned like me) if you aren’t wearing any makeup. Give your face some colour and make sure that you are wearing a similar makeup style that you would do on your special day.


If you are going for a natural look on your day, don’t wear heavy makeup and a bold red lip when you are trying on your dress


  1. Take your accessories

This is especially important if you are having a strapless dress, as some necklaces can look too bulky. Double check how it looks with your earrings, necklace and bracelets and take pictures! These will be a great memory to look back on later on too!


  1. Take your underwear

I’m so glad I did this - I tried 3 different bras before I decided on ‘the one’ you may be thinking ‘why is a bra important?’ But you’re going to be spending 12 hours plus in this thing - So it better be comfy!

The other plus side is that different bras make your silhouette look different - so trying a few is a good way to make sure your shape looks perfect.


  1. Try and make your hair look like you envision it on your day

This isn’t a must, but if you are doing the above, you might as well pull the whole ensemble together and see how it would look like brought all together. Warning: this may bring tears to your wedding party!


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