How to Keep Your Wedding Guests Entertained

Although your wedding day may feel like a chaotic rollercoaster with double loops to greet guests, big stomach-turning drops when something doesn’t quite go to plan and a whirlwind of things to attend to – the same cannot always be said for guests.


Even when the day is flying by in your eyes, guests often have a much slower experience. They may have to endure many stages where they are just waiting for the next phase of your wedding, such as between the ceremony and the reception or between photographs and when the crab cakes are served.


So, how do you keep guests entertained in these moments? We’re glad you asked…


  1. Lawn Games


Lawn games are fun for the whole party but can be especially fun for those who have children. Often kids will not find a wedding as entertaining as the rest of us, no matter how many dancefloor knee slides they can muster. Instead, take them outside to play lawn games such as giant Jenga or croquet.


Top tip: get the families competing for some fun competition!


  1. Photo Booth


One of the best ways to entertain wedding guests is to add a photo booth to the venue. Not only will this keep people entertained all day long, it will keep you entertained when you look back at some of the funny pictures everyone took during the day.


  1. Drink Tickets


When you have lots of people gathered together who have never met, the party may be a little awkward and take some time to get firing. One way to break the ice between your guests is with drink tickets.


The idea of the game is to hand out free tickets for the bar when your guests enter - but there is a catch. To redeem their free drink (cocktails work best!) they must do the task written on the alternative side of the ticket.


For example, the ticket may say “find someone wearing red shoes and ask them about their best vacation memory”. Once this has been done, the two of you can go to the bar, show the bar attendant and redeem your free drinks.


  1. Fireworks


When the sun sets and the evening starts to disappear, the entertainment doesn’t have to stop. And no – we’re not talking about watching your drunken uncle’s funny dancing. Round everyone up and take them outside for a firework display.


The best thing about choosing fireworks to end the night is that it will entertain everyone. From the little ones who are getting restless to the great grandparents, who doesn’t love fireworks?


It’s Nice to Give Back!


Your big day is all about you, but if your guests have made an effort it’s nice to give a little back and make sure they are entertained throughout. Plus, you get to score points in that undiscussed who-had-the-best wedding competition!


Another way to score points at a wedding is to wear elegant and sophisticated jewellery that matches your dress. You can find perfect wedding jewellery at Statement Made Jewellery to match different wedding dresses – come see for yourself!

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