How to clean sterling silver jewellery

How to clean sterling silver jewellery

We’ve all been there. You’ve just purchased a gorgeous piece of sterling silver jewellery and a few years down the line you pick up your necklace or bracelet only to find it looking a bit worse for wear! But with a few simple actions you can avoid that disappointment altogether. Follow our simple tips, including prevention care tips and cleaning tips, to keep your sterling silver jewellery pieces looking as good as they did when you first bought them!


Silver Tarnishing Prevention Tips:

Avoid contact with household chemicals

When your jewellery comes into contact with household cleaning items, hairspray, cosmetics, chlorinated water, and perfumes, it can begin to corrode and tarnish. Make sure that you remove your jewellery before going about your household chores and always put on your jewellery last, as a finishing touch, when you’re getting ready to go out!

Store your jewellery carefully

Air can tarnish silver, so you should take care to store your silver-plated jewellery in airtight bags to stop this from happening. But be careful not to store all of your jewellery together in the same bag, as individual pieces can scratch off the soft metal.


Cleaning your sterling silver:


Use a microfiber or silver cleaning cloth:

A few minutes spent simply polishing your silver using a special silver cloth or one made of microfiber will work when the tarnishing isn’t too severe. But be sure to avoid using towels or tissues; they contain fibres that will scratch the soft metal and will simply add to the tarnishing that you’re trying to rid your jewellery of in the first place!


Polishing Tips:

Remember to use long back-and-forth motions that follow the grain of the silver when you’re polishing your silver-plated jewellery. Be sure not to polish your sterling silver in a circular motion as the movement can magnify any imperfections that the jewellery may have.


Take extra care not to excessively polish your silver-plated jewellery, however, as it can remove the plating and leave your jewellery looking worse off than when you started cleaning them!


Use soap and water:
Soap and water is the go-to method when it comes to cleaning anything and you might be surprised to find out that it can do wonders for your sterling silver too! If polishing with a cloth doesn’t work, move straight on to soap and water before you try anything else.

Use baking soda and water:
Your next step, if soap and water doesn’t work, should be to baking soda and water. Combine the two until you have a paste and then apply a pea-sized amount to a clean cloth. Once you’ve finished polishing your sterling silver, run the jewellery under warm water and finish by drying it with a clean cloth.  


Take it to a professional:
As with any metal, you need to take care of your jewellery to keep it in top condition but sometimes there are occasions when home cleaning simply won’t do the trick. If you happen to have pieces that are old, valuable or just particularly tarnished then it would be wise to take them to a professional cleaner.

Now that you know exactly how to care for it, why not take this as an opportunity to add a new piece of silver jewellery to your collection? Get started by browsing the large collection of sterling silver plated necklaces available from Statement Made Jewellery.

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