How Statement Made Jewellery got started and why you should stick around to see what happens next

how we got started

Hello everyone! I'm Steph the owner and maker and

I am so happy to be making this post for you all to read a brief history of the growing brand!

Not alot of people know this, but I actually am a qualified gemmologist, and it would through this love of precious metals and gemstones that I found my love for the art of jewellery. I realized early on however, that jewellery just wasn't personalized anymore, and it was just literally a blueprint of the same design being repeated over and over. It seemed like the only way you could obtain something personal, was to buy something antique (even then a great deal of those are in the same style) or have something made especially for you, both of which, seemed to cost the earth.

As much as I loved precious metals such as gold and platinum, because of the rising metal prices (and two years later they are still rising!) people just couldn't afford them anymore, and the jewellery trade was shrouded by a wave of buying for an 'investment.' Alas, jewellery seemed to become no better than a wearable bank account than something that could express your individual style and flair.

personalised jewellery

It was then I started doing some research into making jewellery myself, personalizing pieces and creating gifts and sets that people would love to give as gifts and to purchase for themselves. I looked into the best materials I could use, but still keep them affordable (our average item price at the time of writing is £16.90) but still using durable long-wearing materials and designs.

When I started our online store, it was definately a learning curve! At times I had to learn hard hitting lessons, but it's all thanks to those lessons today that I can create the handmade and personalised jewellery designs that I now make.

Working with some of the great names in handmade has been a great opportunity and has helped develop the brand leaps and bounds, I have seen a great increase in interest and traffic and I am now created limited edition custom designs for weddings, birthdays and other special events.

Why should you watch this space? Well we are working on new lines all the time, and with bloggers, instagrammers and influencers approaching us all the time, who knows where we will be in another years time? I couldn't be more excited!


Steph xo

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