Honeymoon Ideas That Aren’t Beach and Cocktails

Honeymoon Ideas That Aren’t Beach and Cocktails



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The thank-you notes have been sent, your most precious pieces of jewellery have been put away – and now it’s time for your honeymoon. If you want to start marriage off with sun-drenched afternoons at a beach bar far away, there is nothing wrong with that. Many happy couples choose to spend their first week or two as Mr and Mrs basking in warm temperatures, luxury and sandy beaches at a resort.


However, if you want to do something different than the beach and cocktails, here are a few alternative honeymoon ideas.


  1. Go on a Safari


It may be hard leaving the family cat as you jet off for your honeymoon but seeing some big cats and other exotic animals may make up for it. A safari is an excellent option for animal-loving newlyweds who want to immerse themselves in nature and wildlife without compromising on some luxurious touches.


  1. Go Backpacking


After marriage, there are much fewer opportunities to visit multiple countries or cities in one stretch. Your honeymoon presents a fantastic opportunity to do it. Grab your backpack out of the closet and relive your younger years of getting lost in urban jungles and discovering new places and hidden gems. If you met your partner while backpacking or travelling, this sort of honeymoon idea will be even more perfect.


  1. Book a Meditation Retreat


After the chaos, and let’s face it, the stress of organising a wedding, it may be that you and your new spouse need some downtime to relax and even meditate. A meditation retreat is one way of letting you empty your chaotic mind and regaining calmness and tranquillity after a wedding. Combine this with glamping to get in touch with nature as well!


  1. Go on a Sports Adventure


For couples who love fitness or getting their hit of adrenaline, there are multiple companies offering weeks away in nature with extreme sports on offer and even fitness boot camps. Although this sort of honeymoon will appeal to a certain type of couple, it may be the number one choice for people who get bored on beaches and don't enjoy people watching. 


  1. Have a Staycation


Weddings can be expensive but that doesn’t mean you should compromise on your honeymoon. Instead, you can still have a wonderful time and cut some costs by having a staycation. Remaining in your city but booking a few nights at a spa or heading to a picturesque countryside lodge in your own country saves on flights, travel insurance and other expenses.


How to Choose?


These are just some of the ways you can make your honeymoon unique and unforgettable. You can even combine these ideas to diversify your honeymoon. For example, you may choose to do one week hopping across European countries and finish with a spa day or even that beach break and a Mojito. Whatever is on your honeymoon bucket list, we wish you a lifetime of happiness together!



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