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Handmade Jewellery statement made jewellery

At Statement Made Jewellery, all of our products are handmade. This is just one reason so many customers are recommending us to others. The fact that we make our pieces by hand means each product is unique. What’s more is that our approach means we use less electricity, which helps us make a valuable contribution to the environment. Knowing your piece is unique can help you become more attached to it, and handmade jewellery tends to be of higher-quality than mass-produced alternatives, which can lead to skin reactions and discolouration.

Precious metals and gemstones

We take a substantial amount of time ensuring each piece is perfect, which is why you can expect to enjoy the highest quality every time when you shop with us. Statement Made Jewellery was founded by Steph, who makes our products and launched the business after seeing that there was a significant lack of similar services on the market. Steph is a qualified gemmologist, and the company was built on her love for precious metals and gemstones. We aim to help people obtain high-quality jewellery made from strong materials at prices they can afford.

The art of making jewellery

We spent a great deal of time researching the art of making jewellery and finding ways to make it as personal as possible. We identified what the best materials we could use whilst keeping prices affordable were and are seeing traffic and sales grow all the time. Our products are ideal for birthday gifts, anniversaries, weddings, Christmas and more. We are working on new lines all the time and collaborating with various bloggers and Instagrammers.

Durable materials

Materials are sourced from around the world, and you can get in touch with us or read the information on our site to find out how to care for your pieces so they stand the test of time. You can polish your pieces with a soft microfiber cloth to retain its high shine finish and remove it prior to engaging in activities like playing sports, cleaning and bathing. To find out more, simply browse the site or use the online contact form to get in touch.

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