Find your perfect dress for your body shape

Find your perfect dress for your body shape

We know that when shopping for your wedding dress, All of the shapes and different silhouettes can be so confusing! Whilst there are NO rules, and you are free to wear what you like on your wedding day, it’s always advised to have in the back of your mind what would suit your body type more. We have written this wedding dress style guide for you to print out and take with you when trying on dresses! Whether it’s a-line, Ball gown, empire, Off the shoulder, Vintage, Fit and flare, Sheath, lace or with sleeves, you’ll know just what will do the trick after reading our guide!


The straight body shape

Straight body type ladies would best be described as a ‘sporty’ body shape. Your bust and hips should be relatively balanced and you aren’t as curvy.

Your goals: enhance your waist

Look for: Wedding dresses that give the illusion that the hips are wider than they actually are. Try dresses with detailing around the bust and dresses with full skirts

Avoid: Strapless dresses and straight up and down (column) dresses.

Best dress styles: Ball gown/princess style, dresses with detailing around the bust, suits


The pear body shape

Basically, these vivacious lovelies will have hips that are wider than their bust and have a defined waist.

Your goals: to emphasise your waist

Look for: Dresses that are fitted all the way down, and that accentuate your beautiful curves. Also, make sure that your dress draws attention to your waist.

Avoid: Loose dresses or empire line wedding dresses.

Best dress styles: Fishtail, dresses with sleeves and with cap sleeves.


The hourglass body shape

Similar to the pear body shape, but the shoulders and hips are perfectly balanced.

Your goals: Dresses that are fitted around your waist.

Look for: Dresses that are slimmer around your waist will look the best, also try looking for dresses with a corset back. Try dresses with a sweetheart neckline as well!

Avoid: Dresses that add any weight to the top half of your body.

Best dress styles: A line dresses, fit and flare, strapless or spaghetti straps.


The inverted triangle body shape

This means that your amazing shoulders and upper body are larger than the lower body.

Your goals: to balance out your shape

Look for: V-neck wedding dresses are perfect for those with wider shoulders, Try thicker straps or short sleeves to help make the shoulders more subtle.

Avoid: Steer clear of off the shoulder styles and halter neck styles. Also try to avoid lots of detail around the necklace

Best dress styles: V neck, Sheath and dresses with detail all over.


The apple body shape

Also referred to as a ‘oval body shape’ These lovely ladies have a large bust, narrow hips and a fuller midsection. They also tend to have slim legs and arms.

Your goals: Find a dress that creates balance over your entire body

Look for: Dresses with lower necklines and lots of embellishments on the top half. Also try to find dresses that takes attention away from the midsection. TOP TIP – look for dresses with lengthening vertical lines.

Avoid: High necklines and dresses that define the waist

Best dress styles: Slim and straight up and down dresses, dresses with detailed necklines, V-neck dresses


The busty body shape

These fabulous females have a larger bust than anything else. They often find it hard feeling secure in dresses.

Your goals: Feel secure in your dress

Look for: Dresses that have higher necklines or illusion necklines (where it looks like bare skin is on show, but in fact, its covered by a thin layer of material)

Avoid: Low necklines, backless and strapless dresses. These will leave you feeling exposed and not at your most secure on your day.

Best dress styles: Illusion necklines, mermaid silhouette dresses and dresses with sleeves.


The small busted body shape

Brides with a smaller bust – these lovely are a lucky bunch –having more choice for styles!

Your goals: to find a dress that has lots of detail on the top

Look for: Dresses with upper body detail, slender dresses and backless dresses are a great option for those that needs less support.

Avoid: Strapless dresses and sweetheart neckline dresses.

Best dress styles: backless dresses, plunging neckline dresses and dresses with beautiful complicated backs.




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