Engraving ideas for a special gift

Engraving ideas for a special gift

Are you looking for a special gift for someone that is close to you? Want to make sure that they truly understand how much you care for them? If this is true for you then it may be worthwhile looking at buying them an engraved piece of jewellery.

Something that we can offer here at Statement Made Jewellery.

Whilst our jewellery pieces are already beautifully designed and ready to wear, you can make them all the more special with the added touch that only engraving can bring. Engraving takes jewellery to the next level. A permanent addition that you can make truly special to you and to the person who you are giving it to.

But where do you start with engraving? What are the best ideas?

Keep it simple

There is a way that you can keep things as simple as possible. This is with a name or a date. Name and date engraving is ideal if you are gifting someone to celebrate the birth of a child as you can add their date of birth and initials to the piece. You could also opt for this if you are giving an anniversary gift, simply by adding your initials and the date that you were married.

Use a quote

If you have a little more space to play with when it comes to engraving, then you might want to think about using a quote instead of just some letters or numbers. The quote you use should always fit into the space without it looking crowded and crushed, which is something that you should keep in mind. It should also be a reflection of the person, is there something that they always say that means a lot to you, or perhaps there is a message that you want to give to them?

A symbol of your love

Sometimes you don’t need to use words to show someone how you feel. The great thing about engraving is that is also gives you the option of using symbols rather than words. Depending on where you are buying from, you can choose a variety of different symbols to be engraved, perhaps a heart, a star, some footprints or even something fun such as a cat or dog for a pet lover?

One thing that you will quickly realise about engraving is that the possibilities are endless. Why not check out the amazing jewellery that we have here at Statement Made Jewellery and see if you can make it all the better with a touch of personalised engraving?


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