DIY Halloween Decor For Your Wedding

Halloween is waiting right around the corner and if you’re stuck on a budget with no idea what to do, we’ve got your back. Here’s 4 incredible DIY decor projects to save you some money for the big day. 

Bat Branch Centerpiece 

What you’ll need: 

  • Thin branches (either live or fake)
  • Black ribbon 
  • Simple vase (depending on how many tables you have)
  • Foam base
  • Puff paint
  • Assorted leaves


-Fill vase with the foam and stick the base end of the branches in an arrangement you like. 

-Tie a 12cm section of ribbon into a double knot on the branches evenly. 

-Use the puffy paint to make two dots on the middle section of tied ribbon resembling eyes. 

Viola, you have a bat scenterpiece even Dracula would love. 

Bleeding Candelabra 

What you’ll need: 

  • Black dinner candles
  • Red dinner candles (MUST BE DRIP) 
  • Candelabra


-Place black candles on holders for the time being, ensure you’re using protection on your work surface. 

-Light your red candle until it begin to melt. Hold the candle at an angle over the black dinner candles until the wax starts to drip from the top down the sides of the black candles. 

-Once you’ve finished creating the red drip effect, leave the black candles upright to cool for as long as possible. 

Find a discount candelabra that matches your style and enjoy a creepy bleeding candle centerpiece that will take your decor to the next level. 

Ghost Lollipops 

What you’ll need: 

  • Assorted lollipops (preferably large)
  • White fabric (cotton recommended) 
  • Twine
  • Sharpie or black paint pen


- Cut as many 10cm x 10cm sections of white fabric you need to cover the amount of lollipops. 

- Drape the fabric squares over the lollipops and tie around the base with twine

- Paint/marker on two black dots for eyes

There you have it! A great ‘snack’ or spooky wedding favour sure to bring a smile to your guest’s faces. 

Vampire Napkin Rings

What you’ll need:

  • White or Cream cloth napkins
  • Red drink or non toxic paint
  • Plastic set of vampire teeth


-Splash red drink or paint on the napkins using a toothbrush or other brush. Make a ‘bloody’ pattern on the cloth. 

-Slide the set of vampire teeth to the middle of the napkin

Really, it’s that simple. A statement for your dinner tables. 

We hope you’ve enjoyed these easy little DIY projects to bring some pizzazz to your Halloween wedding. You can find most materials at the usual craft stores or online for low prices. Besides, even involving friends or family in the creation process can be a great bonding experience.


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