Chain lengths and how they affect the style of your necklace

The different chain lengths

Here at Statement Made Jewellery we pride ourselves on being able to create amazing pieces of jewellery for a variety of people. It doesn’t matter which charm you like, which colour you like or even your preferred chain length, we are able to cater for them all.

Over the years we have realised that some people do not know there are different chain lengths that you can choose from which can lead to confusion when it comes to buying necklaces.

So, with this in mind, we have put together our guide to the different chain lengths and what this may actually mean if you choose them.

14” chain length

If you like the idea of wearing a choker style necklace, then you are going to need to opt for the 14” chain length necklace. These look great when worn with t-shirts and are not only suitable for casual wear, but they look great for formal events too. Particularly when they feature some rather impressive bling.

You can also buy 14” chain length necklaces if you were looking for a child’s gift.

16” chain length

The next size necklaces is the 16” chain length. This particular length is designed to fit around the base of the neck, just like a collar would. However, if you are a plus size woman, or have a larger neck measurement then you should be aware that this length of necklace may end up becoming more of a choker style.

18” chain length

One of the most popular chain lengths that we see bought is the 18” chain. This particular size will sit just below the throat at the level of the collarbone. It is often the choice for those people who want to wear a necklace with a pendant which sits just above a crew neck style top. We think that this length of chain looks great when made with delicate links.

20” chain length

If you like the idea of having a little more breathing room around your neck, then you may want to opt for the 20” chain length instead. This length will fall just a few inches below your collarbone which should make you feel all the more comfortable. This particular length of necklace works really well with a low cut top, or also the opposite with a turtleneck too!

22” and 24” chain length

The next two necklace lengths are similar in what they can be worn with. The 22” should fall above a low neckline whereas the 24” will fall below the neckline. These are much longer in style and we often see these worn with a t-shirt for a casual look.

36” chain length

Finally we have the 36” chain length, this is the longest of them all and is usually reserved for beads or pearl detail necklaces. The chain will hang incredibly low and this gives a splash of colour as well as texture too.

As you can see, rather than there being 1 or 2 choices for your necklace length. There are actually plenty to choose from. Why not see which is the perfect length for you? Then come to Statement Made Jewellery and treat yourself to one of our gorgeous necklaces?

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