Budget Friendly Honeymoon Destinations Your Bank Account will Love

Budget Friendly Honeymoon Destinations

Your Bank Account will Love 


Feeling a little crunched after your big day? Let’s face it, weddings are EXPENSIVE! Often, you’re left with little next to nothing for what comes after, the Honeymoon. If we’re being honest with ourselves, this is to most people, just as important as the wedding itself. 

But never fear, we have some budget friendly destinations you’ll definitely want to add to your travel map. Who knew travelling didn’t have to break the bank? 

📍 Bali, Indonesia

Now one of the most popular tourist destinations, especially for bloggers, Bali is a stunning island, home to iconic picturesque locations like stunning beaches, forests and of course, rice paddies. 

We’ve done the calculations, depending on where you’d like to stay, you can get 3-star accommodation for approximately £27pp a night! 


Pros: Stunning views, budget accommodation, romantic vibes, incredible cuisine… the list goes on. 

Cons: Long travel times flying out of the U.K, can experience some extreme weather in periods of the year, tourist hotspots can be quite busy. 

📍 Motovun, Croatia

Now we’re sure you’ve heard of Dubrovnik, home of Game of Thrones Red Keep, but what you might not know is that Croatia holds a rich historical countryside, filled with medieval towns, world class dining, and friendly people. 

Motovun is one of these places. This charming hilltop medieval village is known as a gastronomic paradise, with budget accommodation available from £40pp a night. This is definitely a more ‘luxurious’ place to visit, however, well worth it! 

Pros: Beautiful views, incredible dining experiences, historical locations…

Cons: Can be a bit pricey, limited accommodation options. 

📍 Lisbon, Portugal 

It goes without saying, Portugal is a traveller’s goldmine. Gorgeous landscapes, towns that will make your toes curl in delight, and food that will frankly take you to nirvana. If you’ve never had the chance to experience it for yourself, you might want to add Lisbon to the top of your Honeymoon travel list. 

Being honest, this is a bit more of an expense, however, if you book an all inclusive holiday on any number of budget booking websites, you’ll be looking at an average price of £170pp for a 7 night trip (flights included). So in our brains, that’s a win. 

Pros: Extremely photographic locations, incredible food, amazing experiences, low cost quality accomodation…

Cons: Can be pricey (like anywhere), main areas of Lisbon are very busy during the prime tourist months (June-August). 

📍Edinburgh, Scotland

It’s true, Scotland is a culture trip and an incredible place to visit if you love picturesque landscapes, castles and home-style cooking. Besides the friendly people, visiting Edinburgh is like a charm all on its own, especially on a sunny day. 

If you ever grow bored of the main city, take a short day trip up to the highlands and discover where the Loch Ness myth was born. With cheap accommodation, you can also book yourself an entire Airbnb all to yourselves for as low as £45 per night! 

Pros: Cheap accommodation, lots of touristy activities, beautiful landscapes...

Cons: Tourist periods are voted very bad with high numbers of crowds, infamously poor weather. 

📍 Samara Private Game Reserve, South Africa

We’ll admit, this doesn’t really fall under the ‘budget’ category, but we thought we’d include it as if you have some extra money to spend, you really need to add a Safari to your bucket list. Beautiful views, incredible wildlife, Africa is truly a cultural gem. 

You’re likely to drop some serious money on a Safari trip but, if you know what you’re doing, you can make some huge savings. On average, a Safari stay at the Samara will cost you £165+ pp a night (luxury). 

Pros: An experience you won’t forget, beautiful scenery & wildlife, tasty cultural foods…

Cons: On the pricey side, reliant on weather conditions, requires specific vaccinations depending on the location of entry…

In truth, there are so many beautiful places to be discovered and seriously at costs you wouldn’t believe! So get out there, shop around and make sure you get the best deal for your budget. 

We hope you’ve enjoyed our little selection of budget honeymoon destinations! If you think we’ve missed something amazing, just let us know!

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