Bouquet-Tossing Alternatives for a More Unique Wedding

The age-old tradition of tossing a wedding bouquet into a crowd of unmarried ladies has an interesting origin. 


Women used to believe that the bride was lucky and would therefore try and get a piece of her luck by ripping off a piece of her dress. As the bride would run away from these dress-ripping ladies, she would toss her bouquet for an easier getaway.


This transformed into the bouquet-tossing ritual we know today – but this is changing. More women are choosing to swap this moment for something else or adapt it slightly for a more unique wedding. 


Here are some of the best examples of things you could try instead of the traditional bouquet throwing event:


  1. Break-Away Bouquets 


You can now buy bouquets of wedding flowers which when thrown will split into smaller bouquets or single flowers. These are a unique and unexpected twist for the ladies waiting and can bring a smile to everyone’s face. Choose to surprise everyone with this sneaky but fun trick!


  1. All the Single Ladies 


Sometimes single women can feel a bit awkward stood together waiting for the tallest one among them to catch the bouquet. You can make the occasion more fun and more of a group activity by hosting a single ladies dance. Pick an appropriate song – hints in the subtitle – and get everyone moving to increase anticipation before tossing your bouquet. 


  1. The Couples Dance


The next option is not only an innovative way of handing over your wedding bouquet but also a fun way to have your first dance together. Partway through the song, invite all the other couples in the room up to dance. 


Next, get an announcer to ask couples that have been together for one year to remain on the floor, moving on to two years, three years – and so on. When the last couple remain dancing with you, hand your bouquet over to them. It will create a significant exchange and is one of the most unique ways of doing you ‘toss'.


Another good aspect of choosing this method is that you will have a good idea who your bouquet will be going to – if that matters to you. Before starting the couples dance, you will have to work out whether you want it to only include unmarried couples or if married couples will be welcome to join as well.


  1. Honor Those You Lost


There is always the option not to throw your bouquet of flowers at all. Instead, you could use the flowers to honor a loved one that has passed away and share part of the day with those that were not able to be there with you both. Leaving them on the grave of a loved one is a nice touch and can create another beautiful moment between you and your loved one. 



Whether it’s dancing to Beyoncé or making sure everyone gets their own flower, any of these options will make your wedding more unique and a little more fun! 


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