Best Places For Your Destination Wedding

Are the lights of Paris calling you? Destination weddings have become increasingly popular and honestly, we definitely understand why. Of course, it’s definitely a more complicated and expensive option, however, getting married in a different country (or even a distant land in your own country) is a very unique and incredible experience. Besides, no need to travel anywhere else for the honeymoon!

We’ve put together 5 of our favourite destination wedding locations that are not only stunningly beautiful but comparatively less difficult to tie the knot in. 


The Carribean: Jamaica & Dominican Republic 

Gorgeous beaches, stunning landscapes, and fun-loving culture are all things you’ll have to look forward to if booking your wedding in the Carribean. It’s one of the top locations for destination weddings overall and with insanely beautiful places like Punta Cana, it’s not hard to understand why. 

Out of the two, Jamaica is reasonably more affordable with many all-inclusive resorts to fit your budget (and your guests). The only thing worth mentioning is to try and avoid visiting during busier periods like March (spring break) and of course hurricane season from June through November. We know that makes your options a bit limited, but it’s always better safe than sorry. 

USA: Maui, Hawaii

Okay, we know this is a far trip but according to just about anyone who visits, it’s totally worth it. Jaw-dropping sunsets, crystalline water, gorgeous beaches, and delightful culture, Maui is considered one of the most romantic Hawaiian islands. With plenty of activities to get involved in, it’s perfectly guest-friendly and amazing for your Honeymoon!

We would say to avoid the tourist periods as it’ll not only save you some money but also offer more privacy if you intend to get married in a more popular spot. Besides, who wants a bunch of other people dotting into their wedding photos? 

USA: Las Vegas, Nevada


It’s infamously known as Sin City but we’d like to think it has a bit more class than that. Big ballrooms, insanely incredible hotel venues and iconic locations, Las Vegas is really a giant photo op in the making. With just about any activity under the sun, your guests have no excuse for boredom. We know it’s probably a bit cheesy, but why not head over to Graceland Chapel where the likes of Jon Bon Jovi, Jay Leno, and Johnny Depp have been married? It can be on the pricey side but shop around as a lot of hotels will also offer great wedding packages 

Our only notes would be to mention that summer weather can be extremely heavy so if you don’t enjoy boiling heat, you might want to opt for a spring or fall wedding. 

Greece: Santorini

A place on almost everybody’s bucket list, Santorini is an island of pure beauty and magic. Whitewashed houses dot jutting cliffs over the stunning ocean expanse, truly any bride’s dream. Often visited by A-list celebs (and many tourists, Santorini has become a hotspot, which makes it advisably avoidable in the summer months.

With gorgeous locales, delicious food and dreamlike scenery, your guests are sure to say yes when responding to that invite. Stays can be quite expensive, but if you shop around and make sure to book early, you’ll certainly find a deal that suits your budget. Santorini also hosts many locations with all-inclusive wedding services which help you plan to the last detail. What could possibly be better? 

Italy: Tuscany

A place synonymous with romance, the Tuscany region of Italy is a culture rich destination you’d be foolish to skip over when considering where to book your big day. Discover Florence, Tuscany’s capital and delve into an infamous world of art and ancient architecture, rolling into endless vineyards you’ll never want to leave. 

Budget accommodation is not uncommon though if you want to treat yourself to something truly special, you’ll find many luxurious villas from upwards of £1,000 per night (yikes!). It’s truly a trip down history lane and for breathtaking views, fantastic cuisine, and endless photo opportunities, it’s really a location that offers just about everything. 

We hope you’ve gotten some great ideas and maybe discover your dream destination. If you’d like, we’d love to know your ideas for destination weddings in the comment section below!

Thanks for reading. 

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