A simple guide to wearing statement necklaces:

A simple guide to wearing statement necklaces:

Statement necklaces have grown in popularity over the past few years and rightly so! That one carefully selected statement piece has the power to instantly transform your outfit.

Worn correctly, a statement necklace can, therefore, add a bit of sparkle to your office outfit or jazz up your evening gown. The versatility of the statement necklace, and the way that it allows you to showcase a bit of personality has contributed largely to its popularity. Ready to make a statement?

Read on for our simple tips on ways to wear a statement necklace:

Over a little black dress

Perhaps the easiest way to wear a statement necklace is over the top of your favourite little black dress. No matter whether you go for a coloured necklace or a sparkly jewelled piece, the chunky jewel is sure to stand out against the black of your outfit.

Consider the time of year

Summer statement necklaces should be all about colour, whereas in the glitzy and sparkly necklaces can make for great winter statement pieces.

With a classic shirt

Add some sparkle to your office outfit by adding a statement necklace to the top of your classic, button-down white shirt.

Opt for light and bright colours

If your necklace is on a short chain close to your face, opt for light colours that will brighten your face and make you appear more awake.

Consider your destination

If you’re heading to work then stick with a one-coloured statement necklace. It will be enough to catch the attention of your peers, while still looking clean and minimalistic, which is exactly what you want to achieve for a day at the office!

Over the top of a casual outfit

A statement necklace teamed with a casual outfit can instantly transform your look from one of ‘lounging around’ to one that shows you’re ready to face the world, without being over the top.

Against a plain outfit

Let your statement jewellery do the talking. Put it on over a plain dress or t-shirt and leave all of your other jewellery pieces at home so that your statement necklace can shine in the way it was designed to!

Add some sparkle to a denim shirt

Denim shirts are the perfect backdrop for a sparkly statement necklace. Feeling bold? Leave a few of the buttons down and opt for a slightly longer chain to draw attention to your cleavage in a chic and classy way!


Tips for wearing statement jewellery:

  • Wear it alone. Keep the rest of your jewellery to a minimum to avoid looking messy and to allow your statement piece to do the talking!
  • Keep the chain short. A statement necklace looks better when kept as close to your collar or necklace as possible.
  • Keep it simple. If you are wearing other jewellery, make sure that your other pieces are simple to avoid all of your jewels from clashing with one another.
  • Avoid wearing earrings. If you’re wearing a strong statement necklace close to your neckline, it’s better to avoid wearing earrings too.


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