A short guide to wearing and styling silver jewellery:

A short guide to wearing and styling silver jewellery:

Silver jewellery has been popular throughout the ages. While it is sometimes looked down upon by those who favour gold jewellery, silver is just as beautiful while also being easy to wear and often more affordable too. And the beauty of silver jewellery is that it generally goes well with everything, which is exactly why it is known for being a versatile metal that is equally loved by many. But, while it is great for pairing with any outfit, as with every jewel and metal, there are a few ways that you can choose to style your silver jewellery in order to really show off its beauty.

  1. Pair your jewellery with cooler tones in the summer

Cool tones tend to complement the silver but avoid colours that are too pale or pastel-like as the necklace can be lost on them.

  1. Use silver jewellery to brighten up an all-black outfit

Silver looks particularly good against black, dark navy or royal blue backdrops. So, put on a silver necklace against a black dress, or navy top to really make your jewellery stand out. Choose a long-chained necklace with an interesting design to really make a statement.

  1. Pair patterns with a simple silver necklace

If your outfit has a loud pattern, then it would be wise to choose a shorter chained, simply designed necklace so that your jewellery choice doesn’t overwhelm the outfit.

  1. Match your silver jewellery with white clothing

For a simple solution to any outfit, pair white clothing with your silver jewellery for a timeless and sophisticated look.

And, as if it’s versatility wasn’t enough, we thought that we would share some of the added benefits that come with sterling silver jewellery:

  • Sterling silver is hypoallergenic

Sterling silver jewellery is made up of roughly 92.5% pure silver, so for anyone who suffers from allergies, it’s a great hypoallergenic option.

  • It’s long lasting

If you look after your sterling silver jewellery correctly, it can be incredibly long lasting. Sterling silver jewellery is, therefore, an investment, as you can wear the same pieces time after time, for years to come!

  • It is versatile

Sterling silver jewellery is easily crafted into a variety of shapes and designs. It is, therefore, incredibly easy to build up a diverse sterling silver jewellery collection.

A simple, quick reference guide to wearing silver jewellery:

  1. For elegance add gems

If you’re going to an important dinner or party, you can add an air of elegance to your outfit by choosing a silver necklace adorned with precious gems. 

  1. For everyday keep it simple

For an everyday look, just keep it simple with a basic design paired with a patterned top.

  1. To brighten up an outfit pair it with brightly coloured pendants

If you’re wearing a fairly plain or all-black outfit, brighten it up a bit by wearing a long silver chain with a brightly coloured pendant.

  1. But ultimately, just be you

While there are certain ways to style silver jewellery so that it looks its best, at the end of the day being comfortable and confident in what you’re wearing is the most important thing. So, pick pieces that you like and pair them with outfits that you feel happy in for a look that exudes self-confidence.

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