A Short Guide To Floral Jewellery


A Short Guide To Floral Jewellery


Flowers have been a popular choice of gift for years. They can be given out on a wide variety of special occasions from weddings to birthdays. But while they are beautiful and can often fill your home with their gorgeous scent, the downside is that their lifespan is limited.


Which is why so many people have turned to floral jewellery in recent years. It incorporates two of the ever-popular choices for presents by combining a piece of jewellery with a beautiful flower. And they make for a great keepsake that will stand the test of time, unlike a standard bouquet of flowers. Handmade and carefully created to preserve the natural beauty of the flower, each real flower jewellery piece is entirely unique.


And, just as each month of the year has an assigned star sign, they also have a flower and an associated meaning, which makes them ideal to give as a gift to mark a special occasion.

When to give real flower jewellery as a gift:

On Anniversaries – Pick the month that you got married in and select a floral jewellery piece to match.

On Birthdays – Just as you would for a birthday with a star sign, do the same with the month and the corresponding flower for a unique spin on a personalised birthday gift.

At Christenings – Rather than giving a gift that the new-born baby or new parents will only use for a few months, give a real flower gift that the child can cherish well into adulthood. Use the birth flower jewellery piece as a way of marking the special day that the baby joined this world.


How to wear floral jewellery:

  • Use floral jewellery as a statement piece by contrasting it against a darker outfit to really make it pop.
  • Keep in mind your outfit and select longer chains or daintier flowers when wearing a top with a higher neck.
  • For more sophisticated events, select a subtler floral piece. For the times when you really want to make a statement, select a boldly coloured or large flower in order to really draw attention to your necklace.


The Birth Month Flowers and their Associated Meanings:

January - Carnation. (Associated with love, fascination and distinction)

February - Violet/Iris (Associated with faithfulness, wisdom and hope)
March - Daffodil (Associated with happiness and respect)
April - Sweet Pea/Daisy (Associated with love, youth and innocence)
May - Lily of the Valley (Associated with love, passion and appreciation)
June - Rose (Associated with humility, chastity and sweetness)

July - Larkspur (Associated with levity and lightness)

August - Gladioulus (Associated with strength of character and remembrance)

September - Aster/Myosotis (Associated with patience and daintiness)

October - Marigold (Associated with warmth and devotion)

November - Chrysantheum (Associated with compassion, friendship and joy)
December - Poinsettia (Associated with success)


If you’re looking for a gift idea, a real flower jewellery piece will be perfect for any of the ladies in your life. Browse the Statement Made Jewellery collection online.

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