A brief history on the traditional charm bracelet


A Short History On Charm Bracelets:

Charm bracelets are by no means a new or modern admission to the jewellery world. If we look back through history, charms were often worn to ward off evil spirits or to keep bad luck at bay. Initially these charms would have been made of shells, animal-bones and clay. If we move forwards through time, then we reach a point when charms were still being worn for similar reasons but were starting to be made from gems, rocks and wood instead. Luckily for us, today, the charms that adorn our bracelets have advanced with the times and they are now made from a range of different metals instead. And so, as a result, the charms and pendants that we wear around our wrists are far more visually pleasing.  

But it isn’t just the materials used to create the charms that have changed over time, as now, rather than having a practical use, charms have a much more aesthetic purpose and are seen as luxurious fashion items. That isn’t to say, however, that they have no longer have any meaning. During World War II, soldiers often collected pieces that reminded them of men they knew, women they loved and the places that they had been. It was then, we can assume, that charms began to be seen as a way of combining a physical item with a symbolic and personal memory. Since then, charm bracelets have continued to grow in popularity and were particularly taken to during the 1960s and 70s, when they began to be worn by a wide array of people and ages again.  

Charm Bracelets As We Know Them:

Nowadays, charm bracelets remain popular due to the way that they can be customised to reflect the personality of the person wearing it.

The meanings attached to the charms and pendants can drastically vary between symbolic, religious, spiritual, zodiac and personal. With such an array of designs to pick from, it is easy to see why charm bracelets have become the go-to jewellery piece for adding a unique element to your outfit. Adding personalised charms that reflect moments in your own life can help to make what was once a simple statement piece into a truly meaningful piece of jewellery.

The Best Time To Give Certain Charms:

While there are endless amounts of charms to pick from, there are some that prove to be more popular than others and these are commonly given as gifts to mark certain occasions. To make it a bit easier for you, we’ve summarised some of the most popular charm types and given you a few ideas on when would be best to give them as a gift:  

Zodiac: There are twelve different zodiac symbols and a zodiac charm can make for the perfect birthday gift.  

Luck: Luck charms, such as the horseshoe, four-leaf clover and lucky rabbit’s foot can be given to mark an occasion such as a graduation, a new job or another life-changing moment.

Birthdays: Age charms such as ’18’ and ‘21’ can be given to mark special birthdays.

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