What to wear for a girls brunch

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Gathering for brunch is one of the oldest traditions in British history. After all, what's not to love about a brunch with your besties? So true Statement Made style, we had to test it for ourselves!
Our destination was the Grand Café in Oxford. I don’t think anything gets more elegant than that. My friends and I love tea, and are huge foodies. We were super excited for croissants, sandwiches, scones—we ordered everything. Our table could have fed the whole royal family!
But perhaps what most excited us was how elegantly everyone was dressed. The girls were in pretty sundresses, the guys in khakis and polos. Everybody looked very classic and chic. We saw ladies wearing lots of simple pieces: pearl necklaces and bracelets, delicate bangles, stud earrings and suave rings. We were amazed at how different this was from lunch anywhere else we have ever been.
So armed with our Statement Made bling, we made a list of our favourite pieces to wear for a sophisticated girls brunch;

Bejeweled luxury flower earrings look amazing in any scenario! Even in the dimmed lights of the Grand cafe, these beauties shimmered and sparkled the whole time! 


The Twilight Angel chimes necklace was definitely the hero of the hour (or four after we talked about the many ideas we have coming up!) This long necklace really does flatter any outfit, and made a great conversational piece, in fact, the lovely lady in the next booth over insisted she bought one there and then!


Our Albana sterling silver bee necklace was worn by one of our girls, and really looked fabulous! The best thing about this design is the price! At only £28.90 it's a true designer inspired bargain!

Brunch at the grande cafe is one of the best experiences I've had so far!. It was so much fun to be regal for a day!















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