5 Winter Wedding Essentials.

Planning a Winter wedding? It’s always a trickier time of year to schedule in especially if your venue is in a location prone to extreme weather (snow etc.). But honestly, a snowy backdrop and a fluffy fur cape are certainly a recipe for photographic perfection.

We’re not overstating that at all, little elements of your colour scheme (we recommend deep reds or mossy greens) with gorgeous furs can really add that little extra something that’ll take your wedding from bleh to oh yeah! If you aren’t in a snowy area, like a tropical destination or just somewhere it never snows, you will likely not dress as a winter queen though of course you can if you want to.

Here’s a list of 5 things we think you should have for your winter wedding ensemble, enjoy!

  1. A fur cape.(Wasn’t this obvious?)


Seriously, we love a good fur cape. Not only will you look incredible and extremely Nordic, it’s entirely practical and will give you just the right amount of warmth you need to survive those 10,000 photographs you booked with your photographer.

We’ll be honest, they aren’t really the most budget friendly item, though you can find affordable pieces on sites like Amazon or Etsy for anywhere between £50 to £100+ depending on your style.


  1. A coloured wedding dress.(Gasp!)


This is absolutely NOT for traditional brides and we’re sure some of you wonder how we could even suggest such a thing, let’s be honest, it’s 2019. Especially in Winter when you usually have a white, snowy backdrop, it’s great to have a stunning colour to offset the starkness of white.

If you’re not a traditional type of person, we’d definitely suggest opting for a more opulent gown such as a mulled wine coloured velvet dress for a sensual indie vibe. Besides, this colour goes incredibly well with all types of fur so you can match this with the cape we mentioned and voila! Your look is set for perfection.


  1. Moss green leafy bouquet.

Moss green is always an in colour, not only for your attire, but also in your wedding bouquet. An addition of leaves like eucalyptus, hypericum berries, lamb's ear, silver brunia and dusty miller will make your bouquet stand out and with accent flowers of reds or light purples, you’re guaranteed to have one stunning floral arrangement.

You can also get creative with the bouquet wrapping and we’d recommend either a bit of silk, burlap or lace to tie in the whole look.


  1. Statement Wedding booties.(not the human kind)

Let’s face it, unless you’re blessed to be in a warm part of the world for your wedding, open toed high heels or any uncovered shoe may not be feasible for your big day. Getting technical, it’s important to stay warm and mostly be comfortable so opting for some little boots (they can be high heeled too) will ensure you don’t get frozen during the festivities.

Even a pair of sneakers will do and considering probably nobody besides your partner will take a look up under your skirt, you can even add some long thigh high socks for extra warmth and protection. You won’t regret it, trust us.


  1. Warm gloves. (You’ll thank us later)

This might be a no-brainer, or maybe something you never though about but truly you should never go without a nice warm pair of gloves. They will really be a life saver during your photography session and even during the transport to and from your wedding venue.

Lots of artisan crafters and even normal boutiques carry stylish gloves that will be comfortable and warm for that perfect winter wedding you’ve dreamed of without compromising on the look.


We hope you’ve enjoyed this little compilation of 5 things we think you need for your ideal winter wedding. Let us know if you have any ideas we missed!

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