5 reasons to buy a jewellery box

5 reasons to buy a jewellery box

If you’re anything like us, then your jewellery will mean a lot to you. It doesn’t matter if it’s an ancient family heirloom that has been passed from generation to generation or a simple necklace that you bought for yourself once and have cherished ever since, your jewellery deserves to be taken care of.

For someone who is fond of their jewellery and wants to keep it stored safely, a jewellery box is an absolute must-have. But jewellery boxes do more than just provide you with somewhere to keep your jewellery, they can become a statement piece on their own, and keep your jewellery organised at the same time.

Not convinced just yet? Here are five reasons why we think every jewellery lover should have a jewellery box to keep their jewels in.

  1. Protects your jewellery from damage

Perhaps the most important reason for storing your jewellery in a specially designed jewellery box is to avoid damage occurring to your favourite pieces. Damage can occur to your jewellery in a number of ways when it is just thrown to one side in your bedroom and in some cases, constant exposure to air can tarnish the metal of your jewellery. Popping it away at the end of the day into a jewellery box can help to protect your jewellery from damage.

  1. Prevents you from losing your favourite jewellery

So you’re getting ready to go out and you know that you have the perfect necklace to complement your outfit. The only problem is that you’re due to be picked up in five minutes and your necklace is nowhere to be found. Having jewellery scattered in places across your house makes it difficult to keep track of all of your pieces. Storing all of your jewellery in a jewellery box reduces the risk of you losing your favourite pieces.

  1. Makes it easy to find your jewellery

In the same breath, having all of your jewellery located in one place also makes it easy to find your jewellery in a matter of minutes. Having it scattered all over the house can make it difficult to access and can make getting ready a stressful situation. Invest in a jewellery box to make your jewellery easy to access at all times!

  1. Keeps your jewellery well organised

There’s nothing better than a well-organised jewellery box. You can now buy larger boxes that consist of several sections designed to help you to store your earrings, necklaces, rings, and bracelets separately. But even buying several, smaller jewellery boxes can help you to keep your jewellery organised.

  1. Helps you to avoid knotted chains

Picking up a necklace from the sideboard only to find that the chain is a tangled mess is enough to upset any avid jewellery collector. Many jewellery boxes have hanging sections to store your necklaces in so that you never have to deal with the trauma of untangling a necklace chain again!

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