Why leaving your jewellery in your jewellery box is THE WORST thing you can do

I know you can't wear several necklaces at the same time (unless you fancy looking a bit like Kanye) but actually, leaving your jewellery in your jewellery box may be the worst thing that you are doing.

Have you ever gone to get that forgotten silver ring or necklace out to wear again only to find that it seems to have turned into a black mess of its former self? What about ever getting a gold bracelet out from under the bed only to find it has green and black patches on it? Or even that dress item you bought from your local boutique that now resembles something from a horror movie? But why?

Well it could actually be a number of factors, the oils on your skin, residual chemicals in perfumes and hairsprays being left on the item, various gases in the air that some metals react to, the way it is stored and even the glue used to keep your jewellery box together! I have seen 18ct gold jewellery go a totally dirty brassy colour where it has been kept in a box jumbled with other bits, yet gold coins that have been buried in the back yard for safe keeping come out of the ground looking like the day it was bought, weird huh? Jewellery usually reacts worse with airborne gases when it is sat still in your keepsake box, especially silver jewellery.
So in a nutshell, the best advice I can give you that has worked better than any jewellery cleaner is:
•                 Wear them as often as possible.
•                 Take them off when doing cleaning or interacting with chemicals.
•                 Give them a quick buff with a soft cloth last thing before you go to bed (SPOILER ALERT! We will be giving away soft silver cloths for free for everyone very soon! Keep in the loop by liking out Facebook page!)
•                 Store them in clear seal up small plastic bags, and be sure to try to remove most of the air before sealing
•                 Once a week if suitable, drop them in warm water and with a soft damp cloth, gently give them a little rub-a-dub, to remove any nasty bits and bobs that you may have missed with your dry cloth.

Do the above things and your jewellery will thank you with a lustrous shine and sparkle all year round!

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