Why angel chimes necklaces is the most relaxing jewellery to wear

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So you may be reading this thinking “what the heck are angel chimes jewellery and how can they relax me?” Well the angel chimes collection is a series of necklaces, and very soon earrings to match (hoorah!) that have or can have little enamel painted balls placed in them. Inside these colourful little balls are a little bell-like chiming piece that emits beautiful subtle chimes that are not unlike the soothing chimes of a wind chime. In fact these necklaces have been used for centuries for pregnant mothers. It is said that between 16 and 20 weeks of pregnancy the unborn baby can hear these soothing chimes to relax them, and the mum-to-be too! As well as being a beautiful relaxing bonding tool for mother and baby, it has also been said that these beautiful little chiming necklaces can help to calm nerves, anxiety, helplessness and worrisome thoughts. We have also had a lovely customer that said it helped the symptoms of her depression, now that's some clever jewellery! I have been wearing these necklaces myself for about a year now (perk of the job!) and I have found that in quiet moments, like being stuck in a traffic jam for example, it can really help to hear these beautiful soothing chimes, and be reminded of times when I was sat in my grandmother's garden hearing the array of beautiful wind chimes she used to collect, and I can’t help but to feel zenned out! In short, it could be the chiming sounds themselves, or the memories that you associate with them that relax you, but as long as these beautiful necklaces brightens your day even a little bit, in my opinion they're worth every penny.


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