5 pieces of jewellery every woman needs in her life.

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  1. Contemporary but elegant pair of studsAmazingly, woman often overlook their lobes! Up to 90% of people will look at your facial area first, it will be one of the first things they will notice. Getting a good quality pair of earrings suitable for pretty much every outfit will give the impression of effortless glam – especially if you get ones with a bit of jazz glam
  2. A kick-ass cocktail ring. Every woman needs a great cocktail ring, a ring that is the mother of your jewellery collection! This is the one piece that pops the most, it’s the most standout item that will show your personal style! It does not have to be oversized, but going statement is the key here, it will be the piece that brings your pizazz to your outfit!
  3. A long-line necklace. This is my personal go-to piece when it comes to my everyday lounging look (If I could wear it with my PJ’s I would...) A long necklace when paired with a loose fitting top, will actually create the illusion of a longer top halve, therefore making it very slimming. A necklace with a pop of colour does work wonders here but keeping it simple is a great option also! Getting a longer necklace also means you can double up the necklace to make it a shorter style of experiment with different lengths and ways to wear it!
  4. An awesome ‘easy’ bracelet. You may be thinking ‘what the heck is an easy bracelet?’ but an easy bracelet is one that takes 2/3 of a second to put on in the morning, and about the same to take off! It's that slouchy, effortless and lazy bracelet that's needed here, with stretchy bracelets being the ultimate go to, or some kind of adjustable comfortable bracelet. Getting styles that can be dressed up or down makes these little beauties are the ultimate day-to-night accessory!
  5. Hand jewellery. Hand jewellery is those styles that often hook around one or more of your fingers, and is attached around the wrist. They are often very relaxed designs with emphasis on the 'boho' styling - perfect for your summer look! These little multifunctional pieces are a great addition because they are so easy to wear, a few hooks and clasps later and your hand looks elegantly chic - and there's no more worrying about matching up your rings to your bracelets either!

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