10 Unique Accessories You Need For Your Wedding 


  1. Handpainted Shoes

They’re the perfect complement to your wedding attire, adding that little extra bit of charm and personality. Besides, you know you’ve seen all those Pinterest worthy shots of the wedding gown plus a stunning pair of shoes so why can’t you have that moment too? 

If you’re not really the creative type, find a friend or someone nearby who can create you a special design that speaks to you and your partner. 


     2. Lace Gloves

Are you a ‘lovely in lace’ type of girl? Slide a sultry pair of lace gloves on your wedding day and feel like a true princess. With so many designs and colours to choose from, you’ll likely find just about any that match your personality, black, coloured or white. Ooo la la.


      3. Vintage Jewellery 

Handmedown from your grandmother or mum? Vintage jewellery not only adds character but also tells a special story about the piece and it’s history, maybe your grandmother also wore it for her wedding day. 

If it’s not in tip-top shape, take it to a jeweler and you can likely get the piece cleaned for a small fee. Or leave it as is for more of the original charm. 


      4. Jewelled Crown

A touch of luxury and class, a bejewelled crown brings elegance to any wedding style. So open-ended, you can really find a design that matches the look you’re going for. Classic or bohemian, there truly is something for everyone. 

Our personal taste, classic royalty. With a simple form-fitting dress, statement accessories like a crown will definitely make you feel like a queen, or duchess (whichever you prefer). 


      5. Decadent Belt

Just when you thought your look couldn’t get any more blingy, now it will. Sometimes, the perfect accessory makes the dress and a belt could just be that thing. looking too simple? Grab up a little jewel belt to get that extra oomph you’re looking for.


       6. Luxury Cape

Planning a wedding in Autumn or Winter? From fur to lace, a cape can keep you warm or be a luxurious complement to your wedding dress. Often, companies offer dresses with capes that match the styling of the dress so make sure to look out for them!



Did you think we forgot the groom? It’s always important to keep your partner dapper and dazzling for the big day and while it may not seem like much, a bowtie will do the trick. In so many styles and colours, glitter or not, it’s a great way to style in an accessory from your own look.


      8. Wedding Clutch

We know you’ve been wondering where you’re going to hide all those little bits and bobs you need for your wedding. Well look no further, a wedding clutch is the perfect thing for you. Like a piece of jewelry, a stunning clutch will give you just what you need, storage and bedazzlement. What could be better? 


      9. Silk Garter

A traditional wedding object, this ‘accessory’ is unique and sexy, something you can keep in your wedding momentos forever. If you’re not into the big display during your wedding, it’s always nice to have a little something special for what comes after (if you catch our drift).  


     10. The Veil

While no longer the staple at most events, the wedding veil is a timeless and traditional addition to your ensemble. Intricate beading and lace are only some of the number of embellishments you can find to grace this ethereal object. 

Like the cape, the majority of dress boutiques carry veils with the same design as their dresses so you’ll be able to find a coordinated look that packs a punch while you walk down the isle. 

We hope you enjoyed reading our list of wedding accessories you might not have thought about before and find some inspiration! Be YOU-nique, it’s your day. 

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