10 Epic Wedding Cakes You Absolutely Need

Oh yes, we’re talking about cakes. Just a warning, this blog might make you hungry so grab a snack, a cuppa and get ready for some awesome ideas on your wedding cake. With so many different types and ways to decorate, we thought we’d highlight some of our absolute favourite designs we definitely think you need in your life. 

Rustic ‘Naked’ Cake

Credit: https://www.pinterest.co.uk/pin/475340935655903786/?lp=true

We promise it isn’t inappropriate as it sounds. This trending design is both completely simple and still stunningly elegant. Traditionally made using fruits, cake base, and buttercream frosting, the cake remains uncovered by fondant to reveal every cake layer in its glory.

It can be incredibly beautiful and if you’re asking us we’d put together a combination of vanilla cake, strawberries, raspberries, and vanilla-bean buttercream. 

Simplicity Inc. Cake

Credit: https://apracticalwedding.com/wedding-cake-ideas/

For the bride who delights in the simple things of life, this cake is for you. We’ve upgraded from the last with one basic change. With your standard cake base, inner fillings and frosting, you can choose to simply cover the outside with plain white buttercream or add your desired colour for extra pizzaz. 

Our perfect cake, a triple chocolate delight with light peach coloured buttercream on the outside. Add a little peony flower on a middle tier to add that missing piece. 

Watercolour Dream Cake

Credit: https://www.pinterest.co.uk/pin/185351340896673521/?lp=true

Even if you’re not an artist, the watercolour cake design is absolutely beautiful and something I (the writer) will definitely have at my wedding. Depending on the style, usually a portion of the fondant layer is covered with a multicolour watercolour pattern with a contrasting border. 

We’d pick white fondant, blue watercolour and a gold leaf border. For the innards, the sky is the limit. 

Geode Cake

Credit: https://www.purewow.com/food/geode-wedding-cakes

We’re practically drooling over this rocktastic cake. Mildly complex to create, bakers carve out a piece of the cake to build a gorgeous geode coming from the inside. The result can be insanely amazing and with so many colour variants, you can make your geode however you want it to be. It’ll be awesome regardless. 

Our pick, a marble fondant covered cake with a blue ombre geode and gold foil detailing. Recipe for a stunner cake? Yes, absolutely.

Ombre Layer Cake


The simple cake you didn’t know you needed in your life. We think the ultimate design should be something that looks incredible while still being quite easy and affordable to make, ombre definitely is one of those. 

Paired with endless cake fillings and bases, usually, this effect is created using different coloured buttercreams all getting lighter from the darkest portion. The sections are then piped onto the outside of the cake and later smoothed together using a flat edge tool. Voila, you have a luxurious ombre effect cake your guests (and you) will love to look at, then eat. 

Our pairing? Lemon poppyseed with a gorgeous pale yellow ombre buttercream. 

Hand-Piped Cake

 (credit: https://www.weddinginspiration.co.uk/inspiration-gallery/galleryitem-11708.html)

The classics are always best, though maybe not entirely on budget. If you’re looking for a standout piece of handcrafted art you can eat, this is one to consider. Usually quite expensive due to the man-hours needed to pipe the required designs etc., hand-piped cakes are outwardly covered in intricate patterns from lace to florals or whatever you really want. 

It’s an elegant choice for any wedding and one we certainly vote yes for. What we love? A simple white tiered cake with traditional draping and floral designs. 

Printed Fondant Cake

Credit : https://southboundbride.com/floral-print-wedding-cakes/

Let’s be honest, even with an incredible amount of talent there’s only so much you can do with a pattern. This is why some brides opt for patterned fondant to create the look they want. With special food-grade fondant printers, you can get pretty much any design you want! Got to love technology right? 

Best combination, a stunning floral middle tier with complimenting coloured tiers bottom and top. Like the picture? Indeed. 

Feather Cake

Credit: https://www.zoeclarkcakes.com/wedding-cakes/cropped/

Okay okay, we know it’s not practical...but when did that ever stop anyone? We love a little bit of drama and with gorgeous white or coloured feathers on your cake, you’ve got it all covered. Either created by fondant, paper or simply faux, adding a tier of feathers to your plain white cake and a simple rhinestone border will bring the design from 50% to 100%. 

Chandelier Cake

Credit: https://www.zoeclarkcakes.com/wedding-cakes/cropped/

Incredibly complex and intricate, chandelier cakes are an incredible option, though a budget breaker for sure. Built ‘upside-down’, it’s exactly how it sounds, layers of cake are hung up like  a luxurious chandelier with delicate details or actual lights strung up in between. 

What we’d choose? Elegant colours, and red roses with soft ‘Christmas’ lights strung up around the layers. Parisian romance, oh yes. 

Ball Cake

Credit: http://8sideways.ca/2018/04/02/gold-ball-wedding-cake-with-emily-upham-when-pigs-fly-pastries/

We thought we’d throw this in there for fun. When you really don’t want to be traditional, opt for a different shape altogether. A jawdropping ball wedding cake with fresh flowers tucked in between each layer is sure to turn heads at your reception. 

Gold foil on the outside with multicolour roses and greenery, it’s the perfect cake for a diva. 

We hope you’ve gained some inspiration from our little cake compilation and if you’re craving some cake, go ahead. You deserve it. 

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